Who is serious about the L word... Be it Love or be it Loss?

I've been seeing this woman since April 2016. She has two children. We're still just at dating stage although we have a sexual relationship, and she spends the majority of her free time (she says) with me. For a period between September and late November, she had put sex on hold between us. I was direct about my feelings regarding us not having sex, and we naturally hooked up about a week ago. it was great for us both. Prblm is I've been waiting for her to bring up the relationship thing. I just always found it better when your lady chooses you as her man. Yet, this has not happened. Although, I gave her the down payment for her new car, helped her with her rent and other small life happens money issues, she still accepts gifts from other men. A guy has sent her an edible arrangement. Another dude text her that he bought her children winter boots. It's interesting that she shares these things via social media, and when I ask her what the deal is her response is that I would be her man out of anyone. I'm the one she spends her time with, gives her body too &ct. She explains that she never dated these guys. They simply had her number, and constantly call begging to do things for her. I truly care about this woman. There's not much I can say about her choices since we are really only dating ourselves. I want to be exclusive , but it goes against the rule to push a woman into a role she's not asking to be in. Should I continue to wine and dine her as I do in hopes we will come together? (Even planning a trip for us to Jamaica.) Or should I walk away, letting her know until I'm who she wants to be with officially, I'm done?
Who is serious about the L word... Be it Love or be it Loss?
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