What does he really want from this?

I've been seeing this guy for almost 2mo now, he told me he likes me & i told him i do too. Based on his words & actions, i think he’s into me except that i think he’s kinda hesitant in terms of our age gap (hes 25, i just turned 20) He would always say “I feel so old” “so you were only in grade 8 when i was in grade12”
others told me that 5 years is not a big deal but our stage are totally different. cuz apparently a 20yo person is still not matured & just wanna have fun & prolly still lives with parents, while a 25yo have been through quite a few challenges alrdy & might be matured & independent alrdy & done with “Having fun phase” & focuses on settling down.
But in my case, Im not really into partying and all. We hve similarities, i’m a huge fan of basketball and he plays basketball, he would also teach me other sports like soccer. and we rlly get along. He would always tell me that im special and that he cares for me. he told me several times that he has a lot of respect for me. He’d always check in, & would call me especially if im having a bad day at work. He acts like my boyfriend. He’s very concern to me. He makes sure i get home safe everyday, would pick me up at work, spends weekends with me. He also alrdy showed me his vulnerable side. Last time he vent on me about family issues, so i called him and i just listened to him and after he’s done i told him that “i know its not gonna be easy but i know you’ll get through it” & he thanked me for listening & for letting him vent on me and for cheering him up and all. I feel closer to him after that. and he’s been extra sweet to me after that. but now that im gonna think of it again, i realized that he hasn't introduced me to his friends/family. one time when he picked u a call from his mom, he said that he's just with his friend (referring to me) and this is making me so confused whether he’s serious about this or not. (we never slept together, but we would always heavy make out). Im not sure if its too early to have the talk
What does he really want from this?
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