Views on dating multiple people early on?

There is a possibility that I could be going on two separate first dates in the very near future, which prompted me to think about this, since I've never "seen" more than one woman at a time in the past. To clarify, this question is meant to address the situation when someone is dating casually and things are in the very early stages, *not* when they already are in an established relationship and have someone on the side too (I'm obviously not a fan of the second circumstance).

I just want to make clear on this issue that I feel there is no "right" or "wrong" answer, merely different points of view. So with that being said, tell me your myriad views on the subject.

I went out with the first woman last night, and while we clicked conversationally on several levels, the physical attraction just wasn't there for me. The second girl never got back to me, so I suppose I didn't need to ask the question. Thank you though!


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  • I think it's totally cool for a couple of "first dates". Even up to three or four dates. My personal view is that you're pretty much free to date others until you're in an exclusive relationship with someone. I personally wouldn't date multiple girls for more than about four dates, maybe five or six at the most. By then I think I should have been able to choose the one I like the most; besides, I wouldn't be able to keep it up! Best of luck.


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  • Nothing wrong with it Nmman, so long as you let the person know the situation. No one likes to be lead to believe something different. Good luck on your dates.

  • I was seeing two women at the same time once; I met them one week apart from each other and dumped one of them after I figured out who I wanted to date.

    • Exactly, you met both and saw which woman was more compatible with you - sounds good to me.

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