Have you ever fallen for a player?

Man, leave it to me to like the most dysfunctional guys. I started to fall for this charming man. Every girl seems to like him, and he is sleeping with lots of them. Though I am completely turned off from his moral compass, I love his personality. When we're together, it's like kindred spirits. My weird feels normal. We feed off each others personality, and come up with some really creative ideas, thoughts and situations. And yes, he is physically attractive, and is probably use to getting what he wants from women. He asked for my number 3 weeks ago, and I turned him down. I found out the truth about him, and I didn't want to do anything with him knowing he was pursuing multiple girls. He is still pursuing me, and other girls... lol but it just feels weird. I can't flirt with him like I did before (Not knowing he was a player we would flirt a lot). Now, I'm drawn to him more! ha, the more I friend zone him, I like him more. I connect with him so well, but there's no way I would date him. It's such a bummer. Have you ever fallen for the player? Man, if only this guy would commit. He is such an interesting, creative person.
Have you ever fallen for a player?
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