Does he like me or not... what is going on?

I have been friends with this guy for almost 3 years now. We met through mutual friends and work together outside of our regular jobs a few times a week. At first, we were just friends. After a little while, I started to have feelings for him, so I actually made the first move and asked him out. We had a great time, and after this started hooking up on the regular without having any kind of label on anything. We were very platonic when it came to working together, but would hangout outside of work, and we get along incredibly well. He has always paid for me whenever we go out to get drinks or food, which is usually everytime we finish work during the week (even when I insist). A couple of months ago, he started dating a girl he met on a dating app, and things seem to be going pretty well for them. Whenever we are together, we still have a great time, and he does bring her up in conversation without feeling too weird about it. Usually it's subtle, but enough to have a conversation. He still takes me out after work for drinks or food and still always pays, and makes sure to text me once we get home to say goodnight. A couple of weeks ago, we went out for drinks and had a little too much, and we went back to his place where he let me sleep over. I was going to sleep in the guest room but he brought me into his room. He cuddled with me all night and we hooked up later on (we were definitely sober at that point). We're both very familiar with being with each other, but never when one had a SO. I feel very bad that this happened, but also confused about it. We hooked up regularly for over a year but nothing ever came of it. My question is whether he sees me as just his girl best friend, or if there might be something more there? I absolutely still have feelings for him that haven't gone away from the moment they started, but I just don't know if he feels the same or just sees me as a girl he can talk to about anything.
Does he like me or not... what is going on?
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