Why do men bring up feminist movements when women talk about dates?

For example, when a girl wants a guy to pay for the first date a guy who doesn't like that notion will say:

"It was YOU WOMEN who wanted equally and wanted to be treated like men. Now you've got what you wanted so stfu either you want equality or you want special treatment blah blah!"

What does things that happened in a time period where none of us existed have to do with anything? I don't see how that's relevant. It's not like the girl was the one actively fighting for whatever was going on at the point. Why is she supposed to have different expectations based on the actions of others?
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This question has nothing to do with me. A lot of you think this is about me or that I was on some date recently but I wasn't. I've been with the same man for over two years now and we've never had this issue.

My question is about men and women ON GAG. The question is about why there is always the same ASSUMPTION of character. If a woman (NOT ME) mentions something about a guy paying, dude will bring up feminists.

Why is there the assumption she's a feminist who wants the things feminists do
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This is based off a question I saw on here and the responses given to that question.

I have NOTHING to do with this question. And I'm asking about the ASSUMPTION OF CHARACTER.

Why do guys continuously ASSUME the same thing, when that is NOT the case for every woman. And there's a difference between being entitled and appreciating a gesture. Appreciating a gesture isn't a requirement, it's just nice.

So why ASSUME it's entitlement when it's not?
Why do men bring up feminist movements when women talk about dates?
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