Odd case- help please?

3 years ago i met an amazing hard of hearing girl. We talked, it was fun and we enjoyed each other company. she was super touchy when we talked (she touched my shoulders). We only met twice back then. I guess it is because we just started university, we studied for different things and we were in different circles. Each one of us went his separate way. I dated, I was in a relationship, I worked. Time went by. I barely saw her in those 3 years, and when i did, i was super busy or i was in a relationship. A week ago, she passed me in the corridors, and i felt that old spark, i felt back then, came back. The thing is, I remember her name and what she studies/studied (I have a good memory). She probably doesn't remember who i am (3 years passed since our conversation). I'm not sure what she is doing now (I guess she studies for some kind of a master's program) and i don't know people that know her (or not know her well). I do know her name and i found her Facebook but i prefer to do it face to face. but the thing is, it's really hard to find her (It's like we play cat and mouse but the mouse doesn't know that he is playing).
1) I can initiate conversation on Facebook - I don't like it that much
2) I can hope to see her one day at university - the odds are probably slim
3) I can still look for people that know people that...
What would you do? thanks!
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We are not friends on facebook
Odd case- help please?
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