Why can't I stay at his house while he's not there?

OK, I've been dating this guy for a little over three months now and we're both MADLY in love with each other already!

I'm at his house every other day, I cook for him every other day and I spend nights and weekends at his house every time our schedules allow it(almost always).

However, when he has to do something with his family, whom I've been reluctant to meet due to the newness of our relationship, he'll take me back to my place then pick me up later that day/evening after he's done with his folks.

Why won't he let me hang out at his place until he gets back? I'm starting to get offended?! Am I over reacting? Please help!

Thanks for your insight people! This site is pretty cool.
But it's weird though-- he's even mentioned giving me a key to his apartment... I don't get it? But thanks for your insight people! This site is pretty cool.


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  • Because it's only been 3 months... and if he is over 25, he's probably been burned before.. Trust is earn not given..


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  • Sounds like he doesn't want to give you the opportunity to go through his stuff. And that's not to say he has any thing to hide only that I know a TON of girls who do that crap! Maybe he had a bad past experience.