Hasn't called in over a week? How long until it's pointless?

met a man I really like, him and I are dating casually. I usually see him once a week and go on a date. We are both weary of taking things to fast. But it's been over a week since I have heard from him. I haven't tried calling or texting, I don't want to be a bother...but how long till I should get the hint?


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  • It takes two to make it work. The days in which men were the ones to always make the moves are over. Even as a woman, you sometimes have to go after what you want, with class of course. It would be ok to text him and check up on him. I believe at the beginning of any relationship or the dating stage, it's important for two people to meet each other half way. Can't expect him to do everything. Send a text and see how it goes. Then you take it from there. Once step at a time. Hope I was able to help. Good luck to you.


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