Acts like nothing happened?

I finally went on a date with a guy who I share a group of friends with a week and a half ago, we had flirted for a while and everyone thought he really liked me. We had a really good time (I thought) and he said we should do it again sometime. Afterwards he never called or texted me and the next time I saw him, he acted like nothing had changed between us. I just don't understand why he suddenly got so distant.


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  • One date is not a commitment.

    It sounds like he was being nice when he said "we should do this again." Either he's met someone else, or he's just not into you.

    The reason he's being normal is because he has no reason not to be. He didn't marry you or get you pregnant (I'm assuming) so instead of making everyone feel awkward for no reasons he's playing it cool.

    That's what dating is all about. Spending some time together to see if you "click."

    If not, no harm done. Just two people having fun.

    Time to move on and meet some more awesome dudes.

    ~ Robby

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  • In my opinion - 2 possible cases.

    1. The good one - he is shy. He's not sure if you like him, so for his own safety he keeps at some distance from you.

    What to do: Text him (don't call, because if he's realy shy, he might be afraid to talk to you). Let's say "I realy enjoyed our last meeting. Maybe let's do it again?" should do the trick.

    2. He dates lots of girls. And he doesn't know which one of them to choose. Or he even chose someone, and, sorry, that's not you.

    What to do: Forgett about him. If you want serious relationship he's not a guy, you want to be near you. If you're OK with short-term relationships, be near him, I'm sure after some time he remembers you.


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  • He probably is uninterested in you, he might have realized this after going out with you but instead of telling you he just acts nice to you like nothin ever happend.