Is he into me or am I wasting my time?

I ran into an old boyfriend after not seeing each other for 11 yrs. and we have hung out several times over the last couple of months. However he will go a week to two weeks before making any contact with me. When we hang out we have the best time! We kissed after the first time seeing each other again but since then he hasn't tried anything, but after our date he will flirt with me via text. I guess I am just confused. I like him a lot but if he is just playing with me then I don't want to get more involved. We have plans to hang out on Mother's Day.


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  • Can't say if he likes you, but I will say this, you have reason to believe that he does. Maybe he doesn't want to get into a relationship though.

    I remember I once knew this girl who I would go on dates with every once in a while, and that was really nice. I didn't want a relationship, but it was fun to go to the movies or whatever, and I did really like her. Maybe that's not the relationship you're looking for, but my feelings were genuine and I appreciated the time we spent together.

    • Thank you for your answer. It is not what I want but I do enjoy our time together. I am looking for a relationship; a companion not a once in a while buddy. Oh well...

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    • Not particularly, it was the same between her and I, we just wanted to date and have fun, and we enjoyed hanging out together. We basically just dated all the time. But like I said to the Asker, make sure you talk to him some time to make sure.

      I don't know how easy that would be, but trust your gut, remember you're a part of whatever is happening too.

    • You are right I do need to ask him, but how do you do that without seeming like I am putting pressure for it to get more serious? I like him a lot and would like to take it further, but if he is not wanting that then that is fine too. I guess its the not knowing that gets me. but I am getting mixed messages...ex. the flirty text. Well we have plans for sun and mond. Thank you again for your responses. I would think he would call me more instead of email and text if he was really wanting more

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