Can you guys / girls, give some examples of HOW guys are more logical than girls?

give me some examples of how men are more rational than woman in general, & relationships in particular?

I see the comment made like 15 times a day- including on this site, so I figure their must be people out their with that belief.

Since I see no evidence of this on a day to day basis, in REAL life, I would like some examples to exemplify the sentiment, so I UNDERSTAND what everyone is referring t -because I don't understand it.



OK as far as saying you do not give examples I already apologized to you for that.

The reason I asked for personal examples is because am genuinely interested in why people speak the way that I hear them talk about men & woman-
An article news clip commercial, does little to give insight into people own experience - do you believe believe everything you read?

As far as this being a rant - I'm not mad, complaining or ignoring you - as amatter a fact you have
which you are aware of. I resume because it is too upsetting to have to think about what you say.You just assume that your stereotypes should be recognized & excepted universally.

What happened here,is that you did not want to-
take my question seriously & became rather upset when I took you seriously & responded to what responded to what you said- Which I was doing with respect & genuine interest- sorry I could not stroke your ego in the process.
As far as me being emotional , no actually I am not just thinking about what you said & interested in understanding why you say what you do say - which still is not clear.

I still have no idea, why a hardware store is rational ^ gardening is irrational
As far as me being emotional, well actually using an exclamation point as yo dd in your final farewell toe, is known as 'infection paradigm.'This is where the content of what is said is altered -not because of the words-
but the emotion behind the words, which is expressed by the inflection one chooses to use, as can be seen in your choice of inflection or intonation - exclamation point.

In addition just the fact you are so upset you refuse to attempt
a rational discussion is indicative of being emotional. Or rather allowing your emotions to do the thinking for yo.

Whether or not you agree with me, this subject has been an issue for thousands of years way before I was born-

If I wanted to be rational, I would care more about a concept that is so pervasive in society people can not think for themselves outside of it, then the fact that I did not like the style or content of what some unknown avatar had to say -
Logically speaking it really should not matter whether you like what I am saying - you responded to the question because you were interested I discussing - or so you responding would suggest.

I never said anything personal about you-
Attacking me for how i;m saying something rather than trying to have irrational discussion IS by definition emotional.

btw if you ever want to explain why hardware stores are rational & gardening is emotional - I'd love to hear about it. :-)
... If anything I'd say they are both pretty phallic ^ ^
lol can anyone tel me how to get rid of the update... It was just in response to a person, but I do not want it to be part of the question- it gets in the way& People are saying interesting things.

btw I was asking about ' real life' examples-
You know- situations you have experienced that have added to your perception & or influenced your assessment, that guys are more logical than girls -

Thank you :-)
lol I regret writing the question as men & women, possessing more or less capacity 4 any human capacity I should have asked IF & how you think men & woman think differently I set up mucho animosity- by accident...sigh... :)
IGNORE THE UPDATES, EXCEPT THE LAST ONE right before this one lol :)
I realized I phrased this question in such an obnoxious way I'm only going to get answers I don't agree with on either side because -yea everyone is emotional/rational- its all mixed- Its called being human. Thnx for the answers Have a nice life :)


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  • I don't see the importance of who is more logical, both genders have people who are logical and people who are not, it's not something attributed by a gamete genetic, it's more likely just in normal chromosomes which of course become entirely unspecific to gender. Only one chromosome differs between male and female of course the X and Y and neither are specifically said to improve anyones logic. Everyones logic is different, personally I like to break argument or problems apart and cover as much as possible to make sure I nail what I'm aiming for. I'm sure everyone else has their own methods, but mine clearly works for me.

    • You're awesome :)

      i think you should copy that & post it like ten times lol

      ^ ^

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    • Ah yes all may be true but that could have re to do with that we are culturally pressured to be more biased in any directin then the other ..for me if somene is tryng to push somethng I am specifuacclly goig to be suspicious if it is emlotins & stories etc.

      ex.I love numbers& logic & facts I think there is much too little of it going on in the world& not just with usiness with everything.

      Still,good to describe things in day to day life- sights sounds colors- good for challenging creativity&memory

    • Actually down syndrome is an extra chromosome and contains the genes for down syndrome, it's not usually found in either case. I should probably word it differently, we have 23 pairs of chromosomes, only one of them contains gender codons, it's very little of our genetic build up really.

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  • actually the logical flaw would be trying to derive a generalizing rule from stories of singular occurences - because they will never ever be able to make the case that (in general) men make more rational choices

    say for example I came up with the story of my sister always landing crazy guys that are controlling to worrying extents but she cannot get herself to see the pattern, giving up control over her emotional, personal and financial safety just at the critical moments when she should actually be pulling out of a mess while she still can - but the argument is powerless because I'm sure you could come up with some poor male schmuck who falls into the same trap over and over again or you say for every guy she fails to get away from,

    there is a guy that cannot fathom how his actions are driven by emotional insecurity and cause harm for himself and others (although that statement would be inaccurate -> its not a 1:1 pairing because even if there is a local statistical high around my sister, this doesn't say anything about the male population en large because the sample would be too small)

    the next problem is that in order to judge wether or not a specific decision was ultimately the result of rational thought or lucky coincidence of problem and appropriate (to a solution) emotion followed by associated action (anger - screaming/hitting, fear - running/paralyzation etc.) because rarely can we test or verify intent in other people and most seldom are we ourselves aware of our actions to a deeper level than "i was angry so I hit him" but we'd need to in order to categorize, compare and ultimately draw a conclusion.

    since the notion obviously didn't come from that path I would suggest looking for a different explanation - perhaps something along the lines of a more differentiated onlook: for ex. that in certain situations (the vast majority of) women behave predictably irrational

    but maybe for perfectly good reasons if looking at it not from an individuals "local optimization" perspective but instead from a "beneficial to survival of the species and therefore dominant to others" onlook

    one example for that would be the bonding with and love for children that override womens otherwise perhaps perfectly rational minds which makes perfect sense in that it, en gros, provides better chances for survival for the geno- and phenotype than if this bonding didn't happen per default, where a mother would leave a child to a predator in order to better search for food, thus better optimizing for the individual mother etc. etc.

    over repetition after repetition a dominant combination of care vs. risk would probably emerge and settle down most likely into a combination of strong socialization as well as genetic programming - and whenever you have stupid aka. non-adaptive (or only very slowly) rulesets in a highly random environment you're bound to end up with exactly that predictable irrationality

    i know this is just speculation but maybe also an explanation why..

    • I did not read all of your post - I am very intersted in it & appreciate you writing at such length.

      I just wantedto clearup that I do ot think PERSONAL incidence of logic or ilogic are sure ways to prove logic, but I none the less was curious of peoples experience.

      I thinki shouoldhave phrased the question different since it was personal experience that influuened your belief rather than studies.

      I read articles all the time, but people have what a paper can never provide - Ego. & conscience.

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    • Thanks for balancing the scales ;) even though I could care less about an arrow and a number I very much agree that not explaining why someone disagrees is not helping them make a strong point...

    • :) Sorry I haven't responded yet... yOur response is intricate & I want to think about it in relation to a modern society.

      Thanks again for putting serious thought into it... Meanwhile I I have papers to write lol


  • I don't really think of women as illogical. They have a different way of thinking and looking at a problem but I don't think they have any real problem with logic.

    Computer programming is inherently logical, for example and I went to college for Comp Sci and I've seen programs written by the few girls in my program and they write code at least as well guys do.

    Men are also emotional too, don't let anyone fool you. I'd be lying if I told you I never acted on impulse or thought logically about every decision I've made. I never would have admitted it because I probably didn't believe it myself. Now that I'm older I've reached a point where I understand myself a bit better and I'm mature enough to admit it.

  • Well... for one...

    Why are girls so attracted to idiot/disrespectful guys, or drug-abusers (obviously logically bad) as opposed to a logically great/good guy that is nice, respectful (to himself and others), and would put his woman first? :/

    I don't see any guy going after a trashy girl, guys love a girl with class... Girls don't seem to... they go after the trashy guy a lot of time (just for the sake, "ohh he's so confident!" yeah? well he's also an idiot, only out for himself...).

    How is THAT logical? Women should use a bit more logic in choosing a guy, not emotion, they just might find themselves happier in the long run... Relationships shouldn't be lust at first sight, and just because its not doesn't mean it can't be a relationship better than any of the rest you're had in the past. Being a little nervous/intimidated by the good "perfect" guy is reason to walk that direction, especially if he likes you too... not turn and run the other way... :/

    • I agree with you. I would just also like to point out however that men have sex with trashy girls allll the time. And also, confidence to a woman, is about as important as looks to a man. That is why you see girls dating confident douchebags, and guys dating gorgeous airheads.

    • I don't think this is a point. Guys do the same thing.

      They date attractive airheads, or attractive bi***es.

      They key word is attractive and nothing but. It goes for men too.

    • There is truth to both of these responses... however a lot of times the attractive girls have much more going for them than just looks. I've noticed they tend to be great students, fun with good personalities, sometimes athletic... Often times, they're just "airheaded" about their choices in guys.

      There's a fair amount of good-looking, smart, moral, good men out there that are without their desired female attention...

  • If you are really interested in learning a bit more about the difference in how men think read :


    It is a great article that was on CNN last march. Great insight into some of the basic difference in how we think and approach problems.

    • Lol Oh good. I actually liked it.

      The one section that seemed irrational :

      " She's crying as she talks about what's wrong with the relationship, and instead of hug her, his mind is racing to find a way to resolve the problem..... With practice and because of the way their brains are wired, men use their analytical brain structures, not their emotional ones, to find a solution."

      To Listen & analyze are BOTH extremely important components of any solution.

      Anyways its fun to analyze :)

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    • Ha ha I can't stand not trying to solve problems... I was just thinking, that if I could not analyze things ilife would seem very bleak.

      I do get in trouble for rushing to suggest something or trying to give examples, when people really don't want to always know what to do - this is confusing to me because when I tell someone a problem I WANT a perspective - either a response to me analysis of the situation or just a different angle..

      I find ut confusing when someone JUST wants to talk. :)

    • I very much second this!

  • Ok, personally I think passion is more important than logic. But since you asked for real life examples, let me give you mine:

    1. The first girl I ever fell in love with -- broke my heart for no reason, then made up a story about liking my arch-nemesis to make me jealous, then denied that the story had any meaning, then told some people that she still liked me but couldn't be with me, then tried to frame me and get me into a lot of trouble...Then, finally told me, "It's not you, I just have issues with males in general." Which makes no sense, since I was the only person being targeted. I came to the conclusion that she did have feelings for me in some very twisted way, and it seems she hated me because those feelings made her feel vulnerable. She also told me she hated herself and "refused to believe in God because of the whole father figure thing".

    The thing is, if you didn't know this girl the way I (unfortunately) did, you'd think that she was a very rational person. This is one reason she was able to cause so much trouble for me. She was very intelligent, composed and calculating. Kind of like a female Lex Luthor, except instead of just being driven for power, she was driven to make guys like me miserable for no logical reason at all.

    2. There was a girl I went out with a few times...she actually asked me out the first time, and she flirted with me A LOT from the very beginning...we'd be talking passionately about something, and then she'd just start looking deep into my eyes and smiling and out of the blue ask me what I'm thinking. So I took her to a nice restaurant, we walked along the boardwalk, and ended up on the beach gazing at the stars. The next time I saw her, she was like, "Oh you didn't think we were on a date last night, did you? Because sometimes you see, I have a tendency to flirt and I wondered if you might have the wrong impression."

    Ok, that makes a lot of sense...she admits that she's consciously flirting with me, yet wants me to think that she's genuinely surprised that I might think she's interested in me, much less that we were on a "date". Wouldn't it be more straight-forward and logical to say, "Hey, I had a great time last night, but I think we should just be friends."

    3. You always see women in general saying things like, "You think I'm fat," and no matter how much a guy tells them it's not true, they'll still believe it...even when it's obvious that they're perfectly skinny.

    4. In my own family, my mother would probably be the first to admit that she's more driven by emotions than logic. She's always talking about how IQ is over-emphasized in our society. At least she's very honest with her emotions...but when she's angry, she won't listen to what anyone else says unless they agree with her.

    I don't want to stereotype, but this is my personal experience. Maybe not all women are illogical, and I certainly don't think women are incapable of being logical, but often, they do act that way.

    • Thank you for the examples..It is what I asked for so really I was expecting it lol

      I know lots of women act the way you described,...I also know lots of guys who do very similar thigs as your gf.

      I think it realy depend on the peson BUT we loo for those traits in men & women because we are geared to..ts pointed out in society long before we come across a particular case.

      I TOTALLY sympathize & RELATE!! lol ( with the situation)& I agree with U-it IS simpler to just say "I had a nice time but "

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    • Yes, true -- I believe that's what they call a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • Actually I think its what they call predetermination & double standards hypocrisy prejudice, duplicity & projection. lots of other things too I guess, mostly abhorrence of history.

  • Well, first off, this is a stereotype. But most stereotypes have a basis in truth.

    While there are certainly women out there who are more rational / logical than most guys, on average, it's pretty easy to see that on average men's reputation for being more "logical" is fair.

    The most basic reason why is that men, in general, are also less emotional than women are. Not all men, not all the time, but, most men, most of the the time. Emotions, generally speaking, do not facilate logic or rational thought. More often than not, emotions cloud rational thought. There are lots of studies which suggest women are more affected by emotions than men are. Here's an interesting story on that: link

    SO, the problem women have in comparison ot men, is that they have too many emotions getting in the way of their logic.

    Now, again, a key qualifier here is "most of the time." For example, on a math test, there's really no reason to let emotions get involved, and so there's no reason why a guy should be "more" logical on a math test than a girl. Although, males definitely do outnumber females in declared majors in math at college. Chalk it up to females allowing their emotions getting the better of them when they just can't understand how to partially integrate their differential function for the first time!

    Look at the bright side. You can accuse these "logical" men of having "ice cold hearts". There's a pro and a con to each side.

    • Umm first of all, I am not intersted in accusing anyone of anything. I just like things to be logical & it bothers me when people declare things about anything at all, without backing it up with a proper argument

      Now I think for obvious reasons I wouldbe intersted to hear an actual credible argument about tihs widelt pervasive stereotype, which wasof course develooed under a patriarchal society by men.

      The thing about an icecold heart I think that is contradiction in terms, another- stereo-

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    • Ah. But in this question, I did say it first. I guess that would mke it original here, by default.

      I definitely don't feel like I belong here, though. Haha...

    • Lol :)

  • Well, us guys are raised to shun our emotions and perceive having them as being weak. Girls just naturally feel more than think. It has something to do with hormones. Girls constantly have fluctuating levels of hormones, due to the menstruation cycle, and in turn makes them more moody.

    As for real life examples, guys being able to shop faster than women, guys driving better than women, and all those female magazines that constantly answer the question "Does he really like you?" compared to guys magazines that discuss how to do/fix/accomplish things and are heavy on facts.

    • Sounds like yur examples are more of nurture than nature.. All the examples you gave do not apply to many woman, & cold be easily applied to men,if as you said they wee raised differently.


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    • If we are all essentially the same, then why would you camp women & men separately?

    • Because guys are anatomically different in so many ways than girls, not to mention how our brains are hardwired differently. Guys enjoy competition and dominance, which is why we like sports. You guys like drama and feed on emotions, that's why paper back novels and soap operas haven't died out yet.

  • we just are. its obvious.

    instinct = action without thought

    emotion = instinctual action

    hormones = increased emotion

    girl = increased hormones

    therefore girl = hormone based action without thought =)

    guy = reduced hormones

    reduced hormones = clearer thought

    clearer thought = action with decision

    action with decision = ignorance of instinct

    ignorance of instinct = calculated logical thought

    guy = calculated logical thought

    haha, I can't wait to get the backlash on this one.

    • :) lol not very 'thorough, fred'

      Men have as man hormones as woman - just more of some, less of others.

      A guiding emotion & pressure in guys is to get laid & protect there 'turf'..

      -Often that ruin jobs marriages friendships 7 socoal circles.. Girls can conrol themselves it seems a lot better.

      Actually they have done studies where it showed woman stay much calmer during discussions or arguments.

      Anyways just because some people act more emotional than others does not mean it is gender based

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    • I don't think woman or men on a whole are more calculated anymore than I think woman 'always follow their heart ; - I personally have tremendous difficulty even listening to mine^

      My answers were based on a sort of biased atmosphere & not my beliefs of all men.

      You sound like you might be a rational decent person & I'm glad you are not writing tons of bs, cause it is getting really irritating constantly refuting stereotypes.

    • Yeah, some of these tug of war responses can get out of control. Best to let this one die on the vine here. Msg me if you want to peacfully discuss further.

  • This might not be the best answer out there, but a simple one is how guys and girls deal with bad breakups. Girls tend to look at revenge and are very much driven by their anger and sadness (emotional). Guys tend to go out and move on quickly despite how upset they might be because they no there is nothing left to gain by dwelling on or getting revenge on a girl (logical).

    I'm not saying one approach is better than the other, but I am saying there is a fundamental difference in the thought process. I realize not all women and not all men act in these ways, but it's pretty common.

  • The stereotype is that men are more logical and women are more emotional. Although there is some truth behind this (sorry, cannot think of any examples right now), it is just a stereotype. We are all logical and emotional as human beings.

  • the simplest form of proof I can think of is the fact that girls are often willing to sacrifice function for aesthetics in the things they own. take their cars for instance. a guy will often buy a car for the numbers, the frame geometry, the engine design, things like that. girls like it because its "cute".

    • Lol..well maybe some do, but I would not do anything choosing aesthetics over my well fare...pretty dumb...many women would agree.

      However, lol, iihad one friend who use to like things to LOOK neat, but really did not care I the laundry was harboring lice contaminwith the plague, as log as the cloths looked pretty lol

      I also know guys, who rather APPEAR cool & aloof rather than looking like they care, like something matters, they would risk an entire friendship,or opportunity 2appear STRONG

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    • Still tho you see my point right?

    • Well, I think I see the point you are trying 4, but you are example is an example that I do experience as a women.

      - its a stereotype based on a market strategy-not necessarily on women's inherent logic... Not about women's THINKING but about the affects of women's ADVERTISING :)

      lots of money is put into trying to get women to buy those jeans, just like lots of money is put into getting men to buy intothe idea that that look is SEXY

      (which I think is rdiculous & uncomplimentary, thin or not)

  • girl and guy date: she dates him because of how he was when she met him. he starts to change and forgets her birthday/1 year anniversary. she gets mad yet still stays with him because of the pure raw emotion that she still has for him (sex or not) that ties them together. logic treat someone bad, you leave the relationship. emotion says well I know he may be changing into this guy that treats me like crap but...maybe he'll go back to the way he was when we all know that won't happen.

    women tend to think emotions are more powerful than logic therefore they use it. guys think logic is more powerful than emotion therefore use it more

    • Hmm I guess that could happen, like anything else lol

      I know lots of peple that don't put up with bs regardless of their gender.

      There are things I am flexible with because like to ont go crazy at thetiioest indescretion.

      Fiorgetting a bd fine - I have done that myself..

      beig a total jerk & acting immature & disrespectful & irratioal - that is a deal breaker.

      I was involved with a 20 year old with the emotional intelligence os 6 year old - never again lol

      I thin logic is hot & refreshing

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    • The reason I brought it back to experience is because that was the question.

      I wanted here to here about peoples personal experience- NOT because it would answer the great question, but because it would be interesting to hear about experiences.

      You did not gave an example you had experienced, or an objective example - you presented hypothetical situation that could easily be revered gender wise.

      I was not seeking to understand emotion& rationality, BUT opinions regarding emotion&rationality;)

    • Oh by the way. I'm now dating the girl in said example. she dumped the poor guys ass for me

  • total bullsh*t, usually when we use the word "emotional" we're talking about negative feelings such as depression, anger, anxiety. so in a society or an environment where either men or women are treated as less valuable as the other, they will probably be the more emotional ones. people that we describe as emotional tend to be self conscious. people who we view as logical tend to feel confident so they don't tend to do things out of insecurity that we usually refer to as emotional.

  • A great example is this...why if you like a guy just say it so?, or if you don't like it say it so?. Women I mean all women, even those that don't admit do it, play with men somewhat. Until you don't see that he doesn't love you or that he gets jealous, or something act involving with FEELINGS you will never go out with him.

    I agree as well though all logical things like sciences were invented by Males not Females. Most Science related fields in University or College are invaded by Males not Females.

    • Well I think ALL p[eopple prefer a certain amount of indication as to the level or if their is any interest at all from the other person, before risking their dignity.

      How do you define " don't see that he doesn't love you or that he gets jealous, or some act with FEELINGS.."

      I know for myself, if I meet someone has 65% of liked personality traits, I approach him regardless of wether or not I THINK he likes me.. I just assume I would not be feeling some thing if he did not - at least a bit :)

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    • I have had horrendously annoying encounters with guys who insist that they Know me,but refuse 2 discuss what they think or feel & are entirely erratic :)

      tell me, when You add up the girls response, & do not find yourself in the place You want to be, do You make an effirt to tell HER what You mean..?

      Maybe what you are calling her being evasive, to YOU being evasive?

      It is possible that EVERYONE finds they like math equations,& we are all equally frustrated, to find out that human beings simply R not

    • I would like to discuss this with you

      you raise the thing that probably sparked this post in the first place :)

      The things you say you want & do not get from women

      are the same things I want & do not get from guys

      I think it is very likely, that some people are direct & some are ont

      some people are clingly & some are not

      difference being pop-cultur projects 1 certain image 4 women

      & 1 certain image for men

      I think individuals R very OFTEN quite different from the prejuduce that precedes them *

  • Women generally base their thoughts on emotions whereas men generally have rational thoughts.

    Girls typically play with dolls and work with each other socially, while boys typically wage mock wars with one another.

    Men are usually found in the tool section of a hardware store while women are usually found in the garden section and windows and walls (curtains, blinds, etc).

    You may overhear someone say this...

    Guys say: I think we should do this...

    Women say: I feel we should do this...

    • Anyways by EXAMPLE, I was hinkingof a personal example in your life that you have witnessed or been involvedin to ILLISTRATE this fact -

      Not another finding supporting another stereotype- do you realize how many different hypothesis, scientists have on the same subject -even contradicting themselves, for every article you can fin one to contradict it...

      Something real - that is the question I posted - maybe I was not clear when I said:

      " I don't see evidence of it on a day to day basis"

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    • " I think'

      The only time I use the word feel, is if someonehad a headacheor some pain, I sau how do yu feel today - as in is your headacje betteror worse.

      I have not used feeling as an emotional- but once because a guy wanted to now why I did not ask him how he felt about me .. I did not understand why he would think of that.,

      I thought it was absurd. I would never think of asking someone that - if they cared it would show - he would ACT ACCORDINGLY - why ask?

      Excuse to ACT like a jerk.

    • This is no longer a discussion but more like a personal rant. I gave personal examples and you have responded as it applies to you in particular. To have a proper discussion both parties have to be rational and I think you clearly are the opposite. If there was a way to delete this post, I would. Good day. I said GOOD DAY!

  • "give me some examples of how men are more rational than woman in general, & relationships in particular?"

    This right here: Rationality isn't logic in action. You're already on the wrong foot. Must be female.

    • Care to elaborate , you may have a good point, but so far it is pretty thin.

    • What's to elaborate? Rationality isn't "logic in action", if you don't actually know what rationale is we can't even begin to have this conversation.

  • guys are more rational maybe because we are more simple and we don't orry about so much that it confuses our personality...were more logical because were not so use to just talking without not knowing what were talking about...we like to keep it simple and stay on the subject...well some of guys do... maybe you should just talk slower think slower so you can comprehend better...there are magical ghost or ghost psychics out there that just make everything more confusing because they have nothing better else to do

    • Lol

      I think you are confusing creativity & insanity

      first of all some thigs are just complicated, soe people do not like to deal with that men & women, so say the other person I crazy

      & just because someone talks quickly does not mean they do not undestand or do not comprehend what they are taking about...if you do not comprehend what someone is saying, it does not mean it is not rational

      & the ghost thing, men do that stuff too

      women more often -they tend to read body language better- easier 2 lie

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    • True, but people shouldnt be playing it off so much, if ur just going to play off something "so quickly" or just answer without letting the other person comprehend what they said to the question... than obviously that could be a just make friends cause you want protection and sex..not sex and protection ("doesnt have a after sense of the same verbage") or just add me ..... yes..true its hard to hold a thought while listening....maybe people shouldnt be talking so long after you ask a question

    • Lolol wel I'm not sure what you are saying but I asked to have this deleted long it got too crazy now I just accept it there& answer as they come :)

      u can friend request me I you want.....i like yur name :)

  • Map reading, understanding body language, problem solving

  • I don't think it is.. men have better on average have larger brains which give them better spatial awareness. Which makes men usual better at anything that requires spatial thought.. The reason why mathematics (logic) is dominated by men..

    But the flynn effect has show us that ability such as these can be dampens by environmental factors.. We will find out in a few more generation whether or not this gap is caused by social pressure...

  • I'm sure you already know that it's social conditioning that makes girls embrace irrationality by taking away their responsibility and by accepting and expecting weakness.

    • Where is your proof to back this up?

    • I don't need proof. She already agrees with me.

    • Anyone see as good as it gets..?

      " How do you write women so well?"

      "I think of a man, I take away reason & accountability"

      (random lol)

  • Here's one:

    Women are more likely to vote for a president if he's a "family" man. And that is their #1 requirement.

    Emotion distorts and clouds logic. Women are far more emotional than men. Period

    • :)

      hmm I vote for a president that is anti - imperialist fascist & anti war government.

      tho I really think the issue is much re complicated then who is president as we clearly do not have a very cohesive governing system overall.

      too much genocide, invasions , famine poverty , war mania, its way beyond a president at this point- I think.

      Actually as families go. Any president should be 4 families- they are raising future doctoirs & lawyers & teachers & governors they are raising his future

    • First of all, I pointed out that the problem was that women's #1 requirement was that he be a family man.

      Also, your argument doesn't make much sense. Theoretically, a single man could do just as good a job at running the country as a married man-also, there may even be advantages to a single president.

      Wanting an "anti-war" president is dangerous and foolish. War at times is necessary. I wonder what would of happened to us if FDR had been "anti-war"?

      We'd be speaking german

  • women are "hardwired" to think emotionally...which may lead to assumptions by them...

    & even a bit of assumption is fatal to the entire logical faculty!

    • Assumptions ? Why is that.. Why would being emotional lead to assumptions..

      btw I know its not like a scientific case study, but the guys I know are the most presumptuous people around. (&) Its compounded because they refuse to discuss & or examine things. (&) If you don't look at something , then you can't look at it rationally....So what good is logic if you don't use it ?

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    • Of course ,tolouse you were a girl... You never broke anyone's nose or were involved in fights like me!!!&my punishments usually used to be apologisin &acceoting my mistakes b4 the person....the punishments used to make my conscience feel guilty for my act....&thus moulding me into a better individual!! Whay you say?

    • :) lol I did my share of fighting... but for a reason not just to cause pain. I do ont like responding that way tho, it lacks self control.. I prefer to do things rationally not emotionally.

      Anyways lol. I thought we were discussing the people punishing, (i.e. your dad being rational your mom being emotional) not the person getting punished.

      Unless you are sying that a guy getting into a physical fight, is more rational then I girl, then I am not sure what your point is - specifically.

  • I personnally don't think that men will ever be more logical than a woman in a relationship or are expected to be. It is your sexuality and fulfilment as a woman's perogative ; can't touch that. Keep wearing those pretty panties.

  • gender doesn't decide logic, its the amount of sense and brain power you have as a person.

  • Most famous scientists are men, lol. Sorry women I love you all =( don't hate me... just sayin'...

    • Lolol women have only recently become a major part of the work force.

      if in anther 2,000 years all the famous men are sceintists THEN you may have an argument :)

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    • Women weren't allowed the kind of education needed to become a scientist. Everything they were allowed to do, they excelled at. History just doesn't document them as well as it does the men.

    • Agreed. another 'best answer'. thanks lol simple true and a very relevant point :)

  • we say what we mean. Nothing beyond that, not underlying meanings. NO BS. REAL TALK.

    • I try to be as straightforward as I can , I give ass much info as I can ,as much as I know, combined with as much as I think he can handle.... Some people do not want to know stuff, sometimes THAT is why some people, do not get told stuff- - I do not want to hurt them - you know?

      You may try to , but even if you say exactly what you mean, there is still always underlying stuff

      that is why therapists make so much cash..they uncover the 'underlying B S'


  • As long as all U.S. presidents are male the people will only see male views as correct.

  • dont be upset because we are the more logical of the 2 sexes.

    • :) I'm not upset. Just that if that is your conjecture, I am waiting for proof :)

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    • Who defines who is the best at what? Men have a stonger visibility in the publich sphere because for a long time women were confined to the home. Things have changed but only recently and not as much as people would like to think. Twenty years of progress does not erase hundreds of years of patriarchy.

    • Theres no patriarchy here. also womens suffrage came like 90 years agos about 40 years after men. if any thing lady men are far more oppressed in this country then women are

  • we invented nearly everything using logic

    • Is there any other way to look at it... ^ ^

  • Hahah you want an example? This question and its updates... it's about the most illogical messed up sh*t I've ever seen.

    • For one, the question asker seems to think there's a difference between being "rational" and being "logical" -- there isn't. They essentially mean the exact same thing.

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    • OH man, you're a hoot. Yes, I see a correlation between many things. Such as the crime rate decreasing when the number of bunnies that die annually increases. Or national aggregate traffic spikes when the President has a bowel movement.

      "candy bar:" a sugary, calorie-filled snack. Usually comes in a wrapper.

      "wrapper:" Used to wrap things. Like Christmas presents.

      "Christmas:" Very emotional time of the year.

      You see? CANDY BARS ARE EMOTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lol

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What Girls Said 11

  • Don't buy this line. If you do you could end up married to someone and finding out they are more emotional than most women you know.

    Guys are not dictated by logic any more or less than women. The worst is when they are convinced that they are using logic to make a decision when the truth is it is based off of their ego (happens a lot) or a fear they are trying to hide. I have seen this played out in business time and time again. A lot of male decisions are based on avoiding fears or preserving ego.

    • :) lol you know what ego is - its emotional intelligence- it is your conscience , that tells you what to do - if you could not feel it, you would not mind killing raping or f***ing your sister.

      Guys egos are notorious fighter starters lol.

      Have a nice day - & Thank you for answering - the girl side is pretty thin , lol

    • If ego is emotional intelligence, not sure how that is evidenced by men who make decisions based not on what is logically good for them but on proving their (fill in the blank with any number of things) is bigger than the next guy's.

    • I'm saying guys make mucho decision by ego, not the most logical modes of thought :)

      just a random example of how all the things taken for granted between men & woman are ultimately not what we seem to be saying...

      just that everyone has a mix of everything & men & woman have different ways but it is not more or less ultimately....everything gets evened out I think. :)

  • Guys are more logical when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. Think about those days where everything you put on just doesn't look how you want it to... you change like 7 times... end up wearing a little bit of everything you threw all over your floor, and then you have to race to find the shoes that match.. and of course nothing really works because you're inbetween 2 outfits or more... and then you didn't have time to do your hair, cause you didn't want to mess it up before clothes and you end up just throwing it in a pony tail... GUYS... Just put on their clothes and walk out the door.

    I guess that's the best example I can give, considering how many times that's happened to me. And, that's an every day thing... (or it can be, depending on when you have your indecisive moments)

  • The personality types most noted for logic are more frequently male. However, there is also the problem of self-serving bias. That is, it is men who define their form of thinking as logical, and thus anything that deviates from that must necessarily be illogical.

    I think there is evolutionary imperitive for emotions, just as there is for lust. To imply that women are less logical because of an increased emotional sensitivty would be as rational as implying men are illogical because of increased lust. Actually...

    In any case, it is simple to describe something that one does not understand as being illogical. To the extent that emotions promote the imperitive to reproduce and are often used as a form of social cement, they are quite logical.

    However, I do sympathize with men - while there is purpose and use to all facets of human behaviour, it can be unnerving to be subjected to a being who may have difficulty explaining the causes and solutions to their apparently irrational actions. It does, my dear men, work both ways, though. :)

    • To imply that women are less logical because of an increased emotional sensitivty would be as rational as implying men are illogical because of increased lust. Actually...

      " In any case, it is simple to describe something that one does not understand as being illogical"

      i absolutely agree :)

  • umm that's a hard q lol

    mabey it is refering to the fact they show logic when playing x-box games lol

  • I guess most guys just get over things. Girls continue to whip the dead horse. Girls don't ever let anything go, even if they try to act like it. Although I do believe that girls are more rational, guys have their strengths.

    • ;-) Maybe girls just have a better memory ^ ^

  • my 13 year old son looks at some situations differently than I do so I can see a difference in thinking patterns based on experience and abilities, ones he already has that I dont. however, I think people who think differently compliment each other =)

    • Of course your son has a different thinking patteren because he is a child, not an adult. There are all sorts of thinking patterens for men and women, some people are just more rational then others, has nothing to do with gender.

    • Well said yet again :)

      The women who see the hypocrisy of the stereotype, seem to have a more practical view if it- I think :)

  • The general consensus is that men are less emotional in their responses then women, therefore making them more rational. It's a stereotype and unfounded.

  • I would but I don't judge a persons logicality based on their gender, I go on a person to person basis.

  • HAHAHAHAHA, your question is the best joke I've heard all day.

    • Lol. your answer is the best answer I've heard all -- well since I posted the question :): :) ;)

    • My boyfriend even thought it was hilarious. lol.

    • :) awesome ....glad someone or two, can appreciate irony *

  • I fell in love with this guy that lived across the country, and I know that he was just as crazy about me (we were doing an internship together for a month in the same place). When it came time for us both to go home I thought we would keep on seeing each other, I would have done anything for this dude no matter the obstacles! He calmly told me that he was so sad we would have to break up since we both had to go home and couldn't afford to visit each other all the time. Rational vs. emotional. It's always like this with me and guys.

    • But you didn't insist on it and become the woman with the bunny. so you ended up being rational. just because you want something or feel passionate about it doesn't make you irrational. Anyways I realized I phrased this question in such an obnoxious way I'm only going to get answers I don't agree with on either side lol because yea everyone is emotional rational- its al mixed in together. thanks for answering :)

  • Woman tend to over think everything and instead of being like guys and not showing what we think cause they over think things to we voice what we think and let it bug us till no matter what that's the way it is. Guys usually keep their feelings to themselves so they think before that actually say anything so their not over emotional.

    • I think things carefully thru before I talk about anything & I know a lot of guys that do not.

      they just say whatever the hell they want & do ont care about what anyone thinks.

      i am not sure if you mean 'over think' or ust share thrir worries or feelings.

      if guys think before speaking then they are thinking , you just do ont know about what.

      & I am not sure what anyone means by over thining ..usually wjen somene sayssomeione is thinking too much it s really just worrying , not thinkig,


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    • Then of course womens thinking will seem faulty by comparison

      to say 'over thinking' with no context is pretty ambiguous-this is why I was asking for examples of situations, that fostered the belief that men are logical & women are emotional.

      I see it in papers & I hear it from stereotypes...tho I see no evidence of this in my life. I could give numerous examples point 2 the opposite, but I already know those so I wanted to hear from others...can you think of a scenario that supports your view ?


    • I don't know many guys who think b4 they speak where can I get one lol