Does he really like me or is he seeing others too?

I've known this guy for month and we have been seeing each other 2 times a week. Then we decided to be serious girlfriend and boyfriend last week. In the message he seems nice and sweet but in person he doesn't say romantic things but just annoying me all the time. He says he hate saying "i love you" in person. We always fight whenever we meet on small things but we cannot stay long being mad at each others. Sometimes he makes me upset but at the same time i feel special around him.

I asked him if we could take a picture and post on facebook and check in at a restaurant because i know many girls likes him. He said not yet but later it's too soon. So i was like how come you can check in with others, he said they are my friends. He said how can i have other girls when i see you nearly everyday? I met and hang out with some of his friends but i am not sure if he told them we are dating. Maybe i am thinking too much just because i saw he tagged a girl he was seeing before in his facebook post.

Does he really like me or is he seeing others too?
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