When a guy goes in for a kiss, and the girl turns her head or moves back?

How should he feel? What should he do next?


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  • Oh well! We are males, we are the hunters, that's what we do, so it shouldn't beat your ego in. If you have confidence in the man that you are, it shouldn't be a thing to you. You just gotta keep moving. Whatever happens just make sure that the night is not ruined over a kiss. Make the best of every moment. Just because a girl doesn't kiss you on the first night doesn't mean that a second date is not possible. All in all, you move forward.

    • Thanks man. How would you recover? Imagine if you were in that situation; what would you do next?

      Would you ever start to feel turned-off, or that it's pointless to pursue a girl, if she kept turning down your kisses or other advances?

    • If that was the only bad part of the date, don't take it to heart. Remember, not all girls are the same. Just because they are interested doesn't always mean that they'll give in to a kiss on the first date. don't judge the date on the kiss but instead look at the whole date.

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  • There are two reasons why she might move back: a) she doesn't want to, or b) she's lying back down so you can get on top of her.

    I'm assuming it's A.

    If you can, try to pass it off as, "you've got an eyelash" or that you were reaching for something behind her.

    Just lean back and try to hold her hand instead, and talk about it when you're alone and won't cause a scene.

    If you're feeling courageous, grab both of her hands and ask, "May I kiss you?" Sometimes the girl wants you to ask permission, sometimes she needs the heads up that you are going to kiss her. If she says no, though, take it in stride and don't make her feel guilty.

    • Good answer. Lol yeah, I like to be prepared for the worst with girls, so thanks for discussing reason A.

      How do you know when to ask for the kiss and when NOT to? Some girls prefer a guy to "just do it", others would like the guy to ask--how can a guy know which type he's dealing with? Is it safer to just go for the kiss (at an appropriate moment, of course) than asking? I've heard so many girls say asking kills the mood.

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