Is it just a fling or real time thing ?

Well I've been seeing this guy for over a year now. how we met was at a club. on the 4th date I slept with him, since then I told him I wanted nothing to serious so we agreed that it was no strings attached . but a month ago I left to go overseas and he promised he would come and see me before I left, he didn't come or call so I left without talking to him.

when I came back my friends said they saw him the night he was meant to see me hooking up with another girl. I confronted him when he got back and he said it meant nothing, and said that I shouldn't care cause this is what I wanted and he said that I dint care about a relationship.

Its been two months since then and we later have have gradually become really close, talking about feelings and relationships. But all of a sudden he hasn't called texted nothing to me ! the last time we were together everything was fine I don't know what to think. its been at least three weeks since had a decent convo , Was it all just for fun or is he scared ? I don't know what to think this has been going on for a year and we are still in the same place .. help me?


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  • Sometimes guys pull away when they have strong feelings for someone.He is either scared about getting in a relationship or he may just be saying certain things to keep you going.You have to ask him what the deal is because if he's not being honest or saying things you wana hear just to keep you as his FWB then he could end up cheating if a relationship were to start.

  • You got what you asked for. From the beginning you made it clear that you wanted nothing serious and therefore he did nothing wrong. you can't be mad at him for doing what you wanted him to do. It was just a fling. Now that you're getting serious about him, he's pushing away because that's not what he wants

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