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During high school, I used to date this girl for about 6 months. This was my first REAL relationship, even though there was no sex involved. It was GREAT while it lasted, but it ended and life kept going on. We did still wish each other well on our birthdays and met every now and then to catch up, but that was about it. Fast forward to yesterday (3 years later). She texts me out of the blue saying she had a very good dream about me. We text each other until she calls and we talk till we go to sleep. Apparently, she had a “very good dream” where it turns out that I was “the one” (when asked to elaborate, she said I was her one). We had a great conversation about anything and everything. She told me about how it didn’t work out with her previous relationship for 1 & ½ years (it ended in September) and how my relationship of 2 years didn’t work out either (it ended in February). She also told me how emo she was being for the past few weeks, but she sounded nothing like it when talking to me. Anyhow, she now texts me often and is planning on calling me after work. What’s going on?


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  • I think she is trying to recollect something that made her feel good because her relationship must of ended bad. I know it sound bad but I think its a rebound situation. Where she is hurt and week and looking for comfort. But here is the nocker. That doesn't mean that what you can have now is wrong. Work at it. You guys may just find that sometimes it takes the getting to know the world to know that what you have before is really what you want.


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