He won't go out on the weekend!

He won't hang out with me on the weekends, and he takes much longer to respond to my texts, if at all. But during the week, he's great and he wants to go out with me. We've actually planned two dates into the future.

You would think that he's out with other women on the weekends, or partying because he talks about going out to bars a lot, but I did some snooping and discovered that he spends his weekends playing computer games online. I don't get this. Why would he refuse to go out on a Friday or Saturday night when he's just playing computer games for hours at a time?


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  • There's more to it than computer games. Could be another girl; could be online romance; or that's the only time he goes out with the guys.

    You need to ask him about these weekend nights. (Before your next date). You can't be just a weekday GF.

  • Yeah he probably would rather use his right hand watching porn instead of getting pusy haha yeah he seems like the nerd type.


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