Why am I not having success on tinder?

I don't think it's my looks/body? I have the 6-pack going. I also posted a rate me poll on this site and average of all ratings was 6.5 (some 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s). Yet on tinder I'm not matching with good-looking girls. I wouldn't really care but the problem is I'm a medical student and can't invest time in going out to bars/clubs, and my class has very few singles or people I'm interested in. I'm not white- I'm middle eastern. The only action I'm really getting is from random hot girls who add me on snapchat and send me a bunch of nudes; it helps me validate my looks. Somehow I don't match with those girls on tinder :/ I don't know if it's my photos- my main photo is a shirtless mirror selfie because I don't have any good photos of me doing stuff.
Why am I not having success on tinder?
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