Should I call?

So I text girls pretty often, but I hardly ever call unless it's a pressing matter. If I like a girl should I call her? Does it make a big difference if I don't know if she likes me? Would it be awkward if I called and what would I talk about to keep it from being awkward?


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  • Call her. It makes it way more personal and you can gauge what the other person feels much better than a text. If you aren't sure whether she likes you or not, only ring her once. If she has voicemail leave a short message saying that you were just ringing to say hi.

    What to talk about depends on what your interests are and what her interests are; talk to her about her day, her interests etc. Add funny anecdotes if you can or try and make her laugh. Other than that, its up to you and her.

    Good luck!


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  • If you like her...You should call her and find out what she thinks...if she doesn't answer right away leave one message..and wait for her to then call you.


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