I can't forget my ex and it's messing up my new relationship

OK I dated this really great guy and then broke up with him because he was narrow minded and couldn't handle the "stress" I caused him. so now one of his good friends started talking to me and we have been hanging out and I like him a lot he's really sweet. I told him I want to take it really slow and he was fine with that but now when he does or says sweet things it reminds me of my ex and makes it impossible to forget him... and also I can't trust him because my ex played me big time


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  • you need to leave this relationship IMMEDIATLY...you are in a rebound relationship and the worst idea you could have done is like one of HIS FRIENDS...you got into this relationship to obviously have him leave your mind and now things are even worse...you need to end it...tell the guy its not him its you and that you need space and time to clear your head from your previous relationship...

    you even said it yourself...you can't trust him, SO END IT, a relationship will NOT WORK I repeat WILL NOT WORK w/o trust...end this ASAP

    • Well your basically 100% right I guess, but his friend started it all like he wanted to like me and I told him a few weeks ago I didn't want a boyfriend and I said I still thought about my ex all the time and he kept saying take as long as I want because it will all work itself out... but just leaving the relationship is a lot more difficult because he's so flippin nice, and its not that I don't trust HIM its that every guy iv dated has been a total ass so its all guys that I don't trust

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    • Good for you, maybe your ex was in it for sex? who knows, but it seems you're thinking a little more straight now, just look out for your own feelings...in the end we all just want to be happy, as long as you're happy with him its all that should matter...ur still young anyways so if it doesn't work out there are plenty of fish in the sea

    • Definatly:):)

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  • You weren't ready to move on because your heart is obviously still with the old flame. If you really like this new guy and want to eventually make a solid foundation relationship with him, you may need to take a step back.

    • Yeah I kinda just stepped back from all the guys I was talking to because I need some time to focus on all the things I want to do this summer:)

  • how did he play you?

    • Well I totally fell for him and he just kept pushing me to mess around with him and finally I did and soon after that he got bored of me. and I'm not easy to play normally I see what guys are doing most of the time I guess I just forgot...