Can I call him and set up another date??! please advise!

We have flirted with each other every day at work, he is really nice to me and at what point I couldn't tell if he likes me or if he is just a friendly guy. He called me and told me this guy at work is having a party at a club, he invited me to go with him and he picked me up. We start talking and joking, nothing serious. Later we went to the club and he started dancing very very sexy. It was hot! then he tried to kiss me but I just smiled and look other way. He was very nice, he payed for everything , he bought me a rose, he told me I looked pretty while touching my hair and my face; and we walked all the way back to the car holding hands (his move). In the car he kiss me two times very briefly, barely touching my lips. Then he text me to see if I am OK at home, and he called me the day before because I called sick at work. I just want to know if he was just looking for a hook up? can I call him and set up another date? should I wait? why he hasn't call?


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  • You are playing hard to get; so, he's probably doing the same thing. If you are interested in him, don't play mind games with him. Tell him. Casually text him if he wants to hang out with you.


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