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I was standing right beside him, his friends weren't far. Next thing I knew I got a text message from him telling me he wanted to kiss me, I said okay. Then he did this again a few minutes later...then a few minutes from then. He did it about 4 times. Then asked me what I would do. So I told him to do it and find out. He finally did...Is it normal for guys to ask through a text message if they can kiss you?


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  • It sounds like a shy way of asking. He is afraid he will sound stupid or you will reject him and thinks texting it will make it easier. Honestly, if I was in your position, I would have said no, that asking through a text completely ruins the moment and he can try again later. :) But that's all it means is that he was shy and scared.

    • Thank you for your answer.

      When I told him to do it and find out he waited a little while longer 'about 10mintues' then when his friend was talking to him that's when he kissed me =)

      And when it came to hugging, he always wanted me to be first to hug him...is that normal?

    • I think he is just really afraid of being awkward or rejected. From what you've told me so far, that is definitely what it is. It's not really "weird" for him to want you to be the first to hug. It just means that he knows you want to.

    • Oh okay,

      Thank you for your answers, they made me feel better =)

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  • At the age of 27 I'm a little bit older then you but yea that sounds like a guy - lol

    I think he went the wrong way about it though, I mean asking you through a text is really strange and I think would totally ruin the moment and the whole purpose of a kiss especially if it was the first kiss between the two of you which it sounds like.

    By him texting you that several times and then asking you what you would do if he did, definitely tells me that he is shy and scared of rejection.


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