Is he serious?

I have been dating a guy for over 2 years. I've never met his family, friends, his son only once, and he doesn't seem to want to hold hands or be intimate except for when it's bed time. He says that he is "bitter" because of all the things his ex wife did to him, including cheating. I have told him that maybe she cheated because she felt unloved and unwanted, go figure. He says that it was the opposite, that he did make her feel loved. My question is why does he not see that 1)he's running me off and 2) if she is the one who did him wrong, why am I the one who is taking the punishment?


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  • I went through this w/a guy I lived with and almost married (no kids though). I dated him 1 1/2 years after his divorce but ended up still being his rebound. Maybe it's time to move on, you are not getting what you want and he is not going to change so stop beating around the bush and see that he is not for you. I wish I had not stayed and fought for the relationship I was in, I gave up my college dating life for him...and a year to the day I moved out he married someone else and they are still married 13 years later's best for your sanity and love life that you move on. If you let him go and he realizes his mistakes maybe he can come back but until then live in the now and be strong for your own well being. Good luck!

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