My ex was hanging around me on the dance floor!

I posted on here back in Jan/Feb I think just basically saying I was in a 6 year relationship. My ex boyfriend split with me due to the fact he had to not that he wanted to. He gave me chance after chance to change! I didn't and in the end he said I've broken his heart into a million pieces. He refused to speak to me when I was out, didn't answer his phone or reply to emails. We have two little dogs together, he told me that he was giving my little one away. I have recently found out he hasn't :) I gave up all contact in the end after he sent back my brand new dress smelling of perfume and the tags off...really don't know what his intentions were. From what I know, he has went out and partied extremely hard so therefore I just thought he has forgotten about me and is enjoying his newly found single life.

I was out on Fri with a few friends and a guy I've know for a short while. My ex then waved across to me at the bar. I just ignored him then he stood on the dance floor away from his friends and about 2metres away from me when I was dancing with my male friend. I still ignored him. I'm just wondering why is he behaving like this now? When before he walked in the opposite direction. I still love him dearly but I'm confused. If I speak to him he may behave the same way he did before. Any answers much appreciated :) x


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  • he still likes you


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