Should I just call her?

I asked out a girl for this friday night and she said yes. The only thing she said though was that she had to make sure her brother's graduation wasn't that day cause she wasn't sure, but I actually found out from a friend that it's on Sunday.

She had said that she does want to go and would let me know once she was sure she could, but since it's been 2 days and I haven't heard anything, I'm starting to wonder when I should ask her about it.

I have texted her once since then, but I didn't bring it up cause I didn't want to seem desperate or anything.

So do I just wait for her to reconfirm with me that she can go? because I don't want to start asking her and be all annoying or anything.


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  • i would just cassually bring it up..just be like so have you found out about friday? and if she says she can't just tell her its cool because you'll just hang with the guys and wait about a week and ask her out again if she has another reason she can't go I would just forget it


What Guys Said 1

  • You already know so getting her to reconfirm makes no sense. You have nothing to gain by asking anymore and nothing to lose by not asking so leave it alone. Asking doesn't necessarily make you desperate but not asking shows that there is no effect to her not calling you. You'll get more of a response that way. Whenever a woman says they'll get back to you, let them do just that. Give her a chance to stand behind her word and don't if she doesn't call you, don't even bring it up to her. Leave it alone. When you are just starting off with a girl, don't ever evolve your plans around hers. You have to allow her to meet you half way. Sometimes you have to follow your gut. The fact that you are iffy about it alone should lead you to not call. Best of luck!

    Remember, one step at a time. If you're taking more steps then she is, then something isn't right.

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