Which text message is better?

So I asked a girl out today over the phone to watch a movie tomorrow night, she asked which movie it was (dear john) but ended up saying "maybe"... which basically means "no" so even though I asked her to call me back, I don't expect to hear from her anymore

But I don't give up this easily so I want to send her a text message tomorrow just to remind her about the movie, and just to give it a last shot. (I won't be seeing her in person tomorrow though) Which one do you guys think is better?

1. Hey I need to know if you can make it tonight? There's a long line of other girls who want to see the movie with me ya know ;) - Call me soon!

(a little too cocky...?)

2. Hey I need to know if you can make it tonight? Just as homeroom buddies? PS. stop worrying... I don't bite!

(we're in the same homeroom)

3. Hi, if you can't come tonight, that's okay. Don't tell yourself to come. Nothing good was going to happen anyway.

(this one's a bit weird, but I'm using reverse psychology..lol, is this too weird? especially since she doesn't like me?)

Before you choose the one you like, its probably pretty important to know what she's like. Well, she's shy and she's from San Diego (haha do Californian girls act differently?)

You girls, could you maybe yeah give me your "perfect" text message from a guy you don't really like or a guy you would say "maybe" to... ha ha thanks, just pretend you're a shy Californian girl, and really imagine what would work for you..


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  • Out of the 3, I like the second option the best


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  • first is adorable

  • first one is cute... but don't forget the smily at the end

  • first one for sure, but I would also add that you wanted to see it with her more than any other girl


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  • Firstly Maybe does not mean no especially if the Girl is shy. Be positive man.

    If it was me I would send a variation of the first text. Shows a littel hunour and a little confidence.

    If you really feel brave maybe say it over the phone in a jokey way rather than texting. It will mean more.

    • Lol I know she is shy, not from what she said, but because I know her.. lol thanks for the tips dude. What variation of the first text where you thinking of?

    • Well the word "need" comes off a little desperate by definition. I would say


      I would really like it if you could make it tonight? But you know that if you don't want to then there's a long line of other girls who want to see the movie with me you know, in fact if you look outside your window you'll probabaly see the end of the line ;) Call me soon!