What to say to a guy I haven't seen or heard from in a while?

i have this guy friend who I've been close with for about a year almost. we used to hang out together with a bunch of other people every weekend. he started texting me and talking to me online a lot and we definitely flirted. I liked him and I'm guessing he liked me too, because he'd brought up the topic of us hooking up. He kept bringing it up and asked me intimate questions and I trust him completely with not telling anyone. he's not a bad guy at all. last time I saw him was about a month ago at my cousins house. my cousins parents were out of town and he had a huge party. that night was literally the perfect night to get together and hook up but he didn't even talk to me more than once or twice the whole night. the perfect situation was that I was staying over my cousins house AND he lives right next door. if you were a guy wouldn't that be the ultimate situation? anyway... that really bothered me because he kept saying he wanted to hook up and he made it seem like he was going to make a move but he NEVER did. it sent really confusing messages to me. I haven't spoken to him since, but id like to say hi at least and ask how he's been. id like to do it in a funny, cheeky kind of way... so id like some help ! :) cause I can't think of anything


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  • Why don't you just do it like that? "Hi, how have you been? Too bad I missed you at the party." There could be legitimate reasons why you didn't see him. If it was a huge party, maybe he didn't see you. Maybe he wasn't even there.


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