Should I stay?

i like this guy, and I know for a fact that he likes me back. we talked for 4 hours. he's been, like, my best friend forever. he says the cutest things, but the problem is that he's dating my friend. we can't tell her because she has a mean streak. they break up every two weeks, but I feel bad about going behind her back. but I really like him. what do I do?


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  • You seem young, and well you are young ms, to know that he's only telling you what you want to hear. Simply because he's got a girl no matter what, and yet he's still trying to get at you somehow someway. Why, simply because his relashionship goes in and out, which is not a real relashionship to begin with, just two immature little kids. But be careful ms, because he could do the samething with you if he were to ever be with you, and then try to go back with her. I'm not saying he's a bad person, I'm just telling you that there's a lot of inexperiece from you part, and a lot of immaturity from his part, and his "girlfriend" for the time being.

    • Yupd ont know anything about us. his girlfreind has gone to therapy for anger managment...

    • Alright lets put it your way, if she's the one who has gone to therapy for anger management then what's the problem then. Better yet, why is she like that, and why would he want to be with someone like that. I mean he could just call it off, because he deserves better right, like someone like you so you bouth could work it out. But she's your friend also, its almost like a no win situation here, because either way you will feel bad to a certain extent.

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  • If she's your friend, don't stab her in the back that way; would you like if she did that to you?

    Also, let this guy know that you like him/want to be with him. He needs to let you know if he feels the same way, because if he does, he shouldn't be doing things behind his girlfriend's back, regardless how many times they break up/get back together. If he doesn't want to leave her, then he clearly still holds feelings for her, and you should respect that, if that be the case.