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There are more attractive women then men?

''As you can see, girls are on average physically more attractive than boys are. A majority (56.03%) of the girls are either “attractive” or “very attractive,” whereas the comparable figure among boys is much lower (41.75%). In fact, a majority (51.21%) of the boys are “about average.” Nearly twice as many girls (19.53%) as boys (10.51%) are “very attractive.” It therefore appears that, both in the United Kingdom and the United States, women are indeed more physically attractive on average than men are, at least partly because beautiful parents are, and have been, more likely to have daughters.''


I have seen this around the internet on other pages. But it does explain why attractive men get so many sexual partners yet average or below guys get very few. Around 55% of women think they are attractive or very attractive... where as only 40% of men are. Almost 20 % of women are very attractive and only 10% of men are very attractive. To put it short... the very attractive women (20%) go for the top 10% and the other 35% of women go for attractive or very attractive (lets be honest guys aren't too fusy with looks when it comes to sleeping with girls in comparison.

I mean I can't say this report is 100% accurate and XYZ. But i do notice that there is a larger amount of generally attractive women.
There are more attractive women then men?
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