Funny situation (At least for me)

A couple weeks ago I found out this girl is really interested in me and so I asked and got her number. She's really nice but I don't know her all that much, I've been texting her for about a week and a half. Even if I'm not sure about her, should I call her and ask for a date just to hang out and see if things work out? If things don't work out, what do I do?


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  • deffinitly take her out on a date. and if things don't work out things don't work...just tell her you think your better off as friends. nothing against her.

    • OK here's kinda the second question then. Is just going out for lunch a good idea, or should I go with something else in addition to lunch? I don't have my car right now either so she would actually be driving : \

    • Sorry I might be late on this. um I think lunch is a safe idea kinda a friend/ get to know someone date. but hopefully things worked out and take her to an evening date. and if she's down to earth I'm sure she won't mind driving especally if your paying.

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  • Don't worry so much, take a chance! If she texts back and stuff she's probably interested. If you're not comfortable, do like a group hang out or something lol bring a wing man whatever works just be confident.


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