Bad date stories?

so I know everyone has had some horrible dating stories such as blind dates, do horrible things, really weird person etc. so I wanna know your bad date stories, give me the details.


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  • First girl I asked out:

    She said she wanted to take things slow because she had not dated in a long while. We met online and got to chatting. After about a week of emailing each other, we gave each other our phone numbers. I asked her out over the phone after about 4 hours of talking with her. By the third week of knowing her we were out on our first date. I took her to dinner and I really thought we were going to hit off. Before I walked her over to her car on the way out she spots a friend she once knew a long time ago. She introduced me to him as her date. I was flattered. The conversation was more between the friend and my date. After about 10 minutes of feeling like I was left out, I decided to cut into the conversation and say that my date and I were still on a date. The guy took the hint and said he would call her later on. I made it to my 3rd date with this woman but she had an excuse to leave me hanging around the restaurant waiting for her to arrive for 2 hours. After the call ended I decided to order my food and enjoy the rest of the evening alone. Ten minutes into my meal (I like to take my time eating), guess who walks in? The girl that I have been seeing and the friend of hers I met 3 days prior.

    Okay, well I wasn't jealous because I thought to myself, "hey maybe they couldn't meet at any other time so that's the reason for this woman having to cancel our date that evening."

    I minded my own business and finished my meal. On the way out I could not believe what I saw. THEY were lip-locking, sitting right next to each other holding hands. I took out my cellphone took a picture of them and then decided to walk on over. I stood there in front of their table and they didn't notice me until after 2 minutes of kissing each other. She asked why I didn't say anything and that just got me more pissed off.

    Obviously, I was upset and just walked out. On the drive back to my house, SHE called me a few times. The phone kept ringing but I didn't care to answer it. The next day she calls me again and leaves a voice message saying how sorry she was to have me see such a thing and said it was over between this friend and her. I emailed her the picture of the two of them kissing and wrote in big words, "IT'S OVER, DON'T CALL BACK."

    I'm guessing this really upset her but apparently not for long. One day after what I saw in that restaurant, I went out to the movies by myself. GUESS WHO SAT RIGHT IN FRONT ME AND DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE ME WHEN THEY SAT DOWN TOGETHER.

    Again they were holding hands and before the movie started they were kissing for long periods. I think I even noticed the tongue slip into HIS mouth. As the movie started, I stood up and took off the lid off my extra large soda cup. In an instant they were sticky and they both turned around at the same time. At that instant they got to see the popcorn falling down on them. They both stood up and saw who did this to them. Not a word was spoken and I haven't heard from that woman since.

    • OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO AWESOME! you are so brave! wow! I am totally in awe of you! great job!

    • Love the last paragraph haha something i would really like to do to a girl who deserves it!

    • I went on a similar date. We ran into his ex and he was totally into her. he totally ignored me for the rest of the date and then went to her house at the end of our date, he didn't totally ignore me ut he def didn't tallk to me. That was yesterday and I can hardly wait to see what happens next, NOT.

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  • So I went on a date with this guy I really liked and it was a double date with me and nick and one of my really close friends and her boyfriend. We went put putting and I am not good at it so I was kinda nervous. The first thing I did was trip up the stairs in the first 3 minutes lol then one of the putting things was really close to another one so when I hit the ball I hit it really hard and it flew into the other green and hit the little kid that was about to hit his ball and then I got a hole in one in their green. I was so busy apologizing and being embarrassed that nick had to get the ball for me. Then after we were done put putting we went go carting. I drove good and everything but when I got out of the car my flip flop broke so I had to walk around shoeless for 10 minutes until I could find a paper clip to hold my shoe together until I got home. Then not to long after that he drove me back home and while I was getting out of the car my pants totally slide down and flashed half of my thong. It was A great night but a lot of little things added up ahaha. He told me that he had a great time though and asked me out on another date so I guess it wasn't to bad. =D

  • It was my first date. I was 17 and he was 16. We went out to see a movie, he was late cause his bus was delayed. Then we decided to skip the movie cause there was nothing good on anyway. Then he took me to a bookstore and a games store to find the comic book he wanted and he spent the whole night with his hands all over me. Conversation was just plain awkward and by the end of it I was glad to get away. My cheeks were actually hurting from having to fake smile all the time. I gave him a hug goodbye cause I didn't really know him and didn't want to kiss him just yet but straight after he dragged me into my first kiss which may I add was horrible. He was really...experienced and tried to make out with me and as it was my first I was plain sh*t. The night ended on him saying "Oh so you've never done that before." Worst night of my ****ing life.