Hey, how many times do you think is too much...? I will choose a best answer!?

How many times do you think it's too much to call your significant other (say you were engaged to that person and live together.), for something that's not an emergency?

Do you think that 25 times in 20 minutes is too much for a non emergency (with 13 of the calls being in 10 minutes)? What kind of person calls there significant other 25 times in 20 minutes? A very controlling person or a very possessive person? The guy called is significant other that many times because she wouldn't answer the phone, because there was something wrong with the ringer. Thanks for your answers!


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  • I think that 25 calls in 20 minutes is way too much...that's kind of..bad. THe only question I have is, is the person answering these calls, or are they ignoring them, or they can't get to the phone at the moment & yet they keep calling over and over agian? If that's the case then I'd be a little freaked to be honest..I think 5 is a little bit much in about 20 minutes if it isn't a emergency.

    • My fiance called me that many times in 20 mins because I will tell you what happened. I went to his work (he works at a restaurant). He gets tips because he is a cook. He told me to go home & bring his tips to work because he needed to change the one dollar bills into bigger bills. So I went home and I counted the $ and put the dollar bills in sets of 20's. That took me about 20 mins to do. I went straight back to his work & he was madder then hell. He told me that he has been trying to call me

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    • The next day, we went to get me another cell phone. He pays for my cell because he says that he can keep an eye on my txts and my calls to people. he doesn't let me txt people, only him, and I can't spend a lot of time talking on the phone, only to him. he told me that I should of spent more time looking to see what was wrong with it. he then told me with this phone that he just bought for me that I need to make sure that it is working right & I better answer the phone whenever he calls because

    • If he calls again & I don't answer the phone, then he is going to break this one & not buy me another one. Do you think that is just a threat about not buying me another one, since he can't stand to not be able to get a hold of me? Thanks for your answer.

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  • well it's the kind of person I'd breakup with, it's just insane.. and don't you think that not letting you text other people is just a little extreme?

    it just doesn't show trust, not to mention the fact that you make him sound like a control freak, you need to draw some lines before going any further.

    • Thats not the only thing. I have "rules" that I have to obey. I have to ask his permission first before I can do anything, like go to the grocery store because I am not allowed to hang out outside of the house with my only female friend that he is ok with. I only have an hour max to go and be back from the store. if not I get an angry phonecall with him telling me I better get my ass home. when I get home I get a big lecture & the 10,000 questions of why I am late. have to bring reciepts.

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  • 3 times in 20 minutes that is annoying. If it's only now and then they do it then meh but repeatedly calling all the time over and over is just a huge turn off.