Why do some people look for an online boyfriend/girlfriend on here?

It just is funny to me that people sometimes look for an online relationship on here, even though this is an advice site, not a dating or matchmaking site. You're supposed to be asking questions and giving answers, not hitting up on every user on here. Lols. And I also find it kind of funny that I personally have talked to a couple of guys that wanted to still have me be their online girlfriend even though I told them that I was already in a relationship. That just lowers my opinion of a person who does that when people have no respect for other people's relationship. It just shows me that that person can only think of themselves and that they are selfish and inconsiderate. And another thing, why would you even want a relationship online, anyways? There is no intimacy, you can't hold each other, kiss, hold hands, and all that good stuff. Why can't they just get out there and find someone that they can actually meet face to face?


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  • The people who blatantly look for online relationships like that seem to be too awkward to initiate things with people face-to-face and get desperate out of loneliness. They can get an emotional connection in a purely online relationship, which might help them feel less lonely. If that's all they're looking for, they don't necessarily need the physical aspect. I don't think they mean to be inconsiderate or selfish, they just seem to get attached very easily.


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  • I believe this is more common to girls than guys, Sure I've been asked the same thing, but I'm sure not as often or vividly as a lot of girls. Simple reason really, pathetic desparation... They can't talk to someone in real life a complete radomer who they'll never meet is their easy way to boost their ego, even worse they are just trying to get cybersex out of it, which is even more pathetic and cheap. They don't care about the fact someone is in a relationship again because they will never have to meet you, they will never be threatened by a boyfriend for htting on their girlfriend. I don't think they go for intimacy they are literally just trying to fufill some odd sexual exploit or feeling of satisfaction for not being rejected. They don't care about personality, all they see is a pretty picture and go off in a deluded tangent.

    • I believe this is a double post! =P How did you manage that minutes apart? XD lol

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    • That makes perfect sense to me.

    • Lol Sure? I was ranting abit. :D

  • It's funny to me too. Some people have no conacts outside of relationship sites like this and actually think of the people they 'meet' here as friends, or even lovers.

    Well, hey, before there were sites like this, some people lived in a fantasy world...it was just a little harder to be in that world all the time. Now all you need is a computer and you don't ever have to leave the fantasy world. Unless it crashes.

  • Life is short and you never know where you will meet someone you really like. Obviously being exclusively online is a little strange, I really don't get the point of it unless you plant to meet later on but I doubt any girls would want to meet a guy who is happy with an online relationship...

    • I guess I can kind of see that, but what about the ones who go after people who are already in a relationship, too? I think that is way too much, and the people who still pursue someone in a relationship need to back off.

    • Its about people wanting what they can't have. guys do it too. and plus online relationships help, when you're too busy to go out. if you work too many shifts etc..theres not enough time to go out and meet people. so they get on the computer and FREE sites like this, and hit on ya

    • Well many girls are in relationships they are in just for the sake of it and wouldn't mind at all finding someone new. I mean if your planning to get married to your boyfriend then by all means the guy should back off but if guys didn't go after girls with "boyfriends" there really wouldn't be that many girls to go for...

  • You are so wrong here.

    Never forget that you are already in a relationship. So in your mind, you look down on others who at least try. Regardless if it is a forum advice site, dating can happen anywhere and anytime. It is not "selfish" or "inconsiderate".

    A girl who flatters on about guys who went after her on here, only shows her true nature. Or her growing nature for that matter. Were it so long ago where you were in a similar situation?

    Either way, this is surprising coming from you, and even alarming.

    • The thing that really bothers me though, is if I already told them I was in a relationship and that I'm not interested, they keep going at it. This even happens to some of my friends, and we all agree that it's way too much. If they backed down and wanted to be friends with me instead, I could accept that, but when they keep trying to get in a relationship with someone who is with someone, that's a different story. And I never went after anyone for an online only relationship.

    • Especially if I only talked to them for a day or two.

    • That's a bit harsh. Miss Desirae isn't putting down people who are looking for relationships or find someone online, and she's not calling everyone who does those things selfish and inconsiderate. She's just asking why people want relationships that are online only, and has a problem with people continuing to pursue someone after the person's made it clear that they're unavailable and uninterested. You're questioning her character rather than enlightening her about why people do those things.

  • Ugh, you could have just let me down easy Ms Desirae, you didn't have to post this long mean spirited post rejecting my advances toward you and your adorable kitty ears =( =P

    Desperate people do desperate things.

    • Sorry jtj25m, I just couldn't take your advances anymore. I've always tried to tell you how they really made me feel, but I landed up feeling bad and just deleting my original replies to you like a coward. Enough is enough, though. I'm sorry. :P Lols!

    • Well now that it's all out in the open I have no choice but to bid you adieu with a heavy heart. I never meant to hurt you and wish you well. Lmao ...I like how you just play along no questions asked XD

    • :'( *tear*

      That's just how I roll. :D Lols! Plus, it's kind of fun to do, too. ^.^ I enjoy it.

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  • Some people prefer fantasy to reality, I think!