BOYS! How do you know when she is ready?

I have been going out with this boy that I really like! Its only been about three weeks and we haven't kissed yet. We have hugged, held hands, and cuddled. He kissed my forehead once but nothing more. What can I do to show him I'm ready to be kissed? What signs do you look when before you go in for a kiss? Help much needed! Thanks!


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  • There aren't really any signs, some guys are just more bold than others.

    If there were "signs" he's read them loud and clear and may just be shy and intimidated (I mean, who wants to mess up a first kiss with a girl?).

    Why not make the first move yourself, or if you don't feel it belittles the moment--which I personally don't--voice your desire to be kissed.



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  • kiss him...?