Should I text him?

me and my ex have been talking for a couple of weeks now, trying to work things out... we got into a huge fight and we both basically ended it. I don't want to end it... should I text him or should I give him his space and let him come to me?

we used to get into fights like this all the time, but then we would just cool off for a while and we would try talking again... but this time I really want to work it out, what should I do?


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  • I say let your pride down and text him.

    If you want it to workout out,dont be ashamed to break the ice.

    That way he notices that you really are trying to make it work.


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  • guys lke there space when things like this comes up.

    this is what ill do send him one txt that has nothing to do with him

    then be like oops wrong person

    she if he says anything else back like what are you up too

    then don't txt right away

    see if that works... and let him come to u

  • text him or call him

    never know he probebly will talk.

    but make sure its a serious disscussion.

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