Should I move on?

Hello, there's a girl I've been pursuing for a while after our first date which was held long ago. We couldn't make up a second date due to our busy schedule (not an excuse at all).

I scheduled a second date two days ago, she accepted to go to it. Then, she cancels it and says "I don't feel like going".

Should I move on?

I'm just so into her that I find it difficult to move despite that the best option is to indeed move on.

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  • yes move on.
    She is no longer interested. : )

    • I already know the answer, I just can't accept it yet.
      Thank for your reply though.

    • yeah I know good luck!

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  • you're thinking about moving on because she cancelled once?

    Do you at least know why she didn't feel like it? What if she waa sick or some thing.

    I wouldn't give up that easily man.

    • Well we already went on a first date, and she indirectly said she's not interested.

      If she was still interested she could have schedule the second date on another day, but she didn't do so.

      Asking for ditching the date then adding "I don't feel like going" means everything. It means she doesn't want to see me again at least romantically speaking.

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    • is that all she said to "ditch" the second date? she just said I dont feel like going?

      I'm still not convinced she isn't interested and since you are since you are asking about it I would try to find out why ahe didn't want to go out again, like i said maybe she wasn't feeling well that day or was tired.

    • I'll try to sum up everything as much as I can so you can figure out, and probably have a better understanding on the situation.

      I went on a first date with her one month ago, and she told me that she has exams coming up and couldn't make it for the second date until January 18. She indeed mentioned the date.

      Since our last meeting, last month:
      - I texted her at least once a week in order to be as supportive as I can and keep her aware that I'm still interested in her.
      - She never has initiated the text conversation prior or after the exams.
      - She was starting to take more and more time to respond to my messages.

      Now I wait a little, and text her to ask her out. She accepts to go out, while not being excited though. That's what I felt.

      Then, on the day supposed to have a second date she asks "is it fine if I ditch the date today? I don't feel like going"

      Technically, she would have said lets postpone it to X day which she didn't do.

      That's it basically.

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