Did I fuck something up between us?

Okay so yesterday I was sitting on the bus with this guy I'm seeing, we were just having a conversation and kissing was brought up. I mentioned how I wanted to kiss him and he would be my first since I've never done it. So, he had to get off the bus and leaned in and I got so scared so I was like "I can't" ... So later after I went home I texted him sorry, he didn't respond so I just gave him space. The next day I texted "im sorry:(" and he said "it's alright" but today on the bus he was so quiet and I feel like he's still mad... What do I do? :( I'm 14 and he's turning 17, I really don't want to mess this up between us. :/


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  • please don't take this the wrong way, but maybe he's freaked out about people seeing him kiss a 14 y/o

    • not that anyone could tell how old you are or how old he is, but it could be up in his head

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