Wouldn't you agree the dating scene USUALLY benefits heterosexual women over everyone else?

With the LGBT community, they're a minority-So it's a rough numbers game for them. Not to mention there is STILL a stigma about being non-straight in society, at least here in the United States of America.

For heterosexual men, they are often: 1. Still expected to follow traditional gender roles, even though we've been in the 21st century for 16 full years now. 2. Often cast aside, due to how picky most straight women are. 3. Judged more on their social status, and income-Which isn't easy to change, if you're unfortunately not popular, and not wealthy. 4. Still get called a "creeper' for approaching women-Even though that's technically part of those traditional gender roles everyone wants them to follow.

I feel like heterosexual women tend to have it the easiest. 1. They aren't expected to follow traditional gender roles. 2. Most straight men are desperate enough to buy them everything (This IS men's fault though). 3. Yes, they're usually more judged on their looks-But at least they can get away with not being popular, and being poor. If a straight woman is a loner, she's seen as "mysterious" or "independent'-If a straight guy is a loner, he's seen as a "creeper', or "loser." 4. IF-And I mean IF a girl does approach a guy, he's probably willing to accept it.

@Anonymous I love seeing what other countries have to say about this.


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  • The hook-up scene? Sure, I agree to some extent.
    Dating with the purpose of getting in a serious relationship? No, that doesn't usually benefit heterosexual women.

    • I was mainly referring to the "hook-up" scene. If a girl wants to, she can casually hook up with almost any guy she wants.

      It does seem true girls have a hard time finding a serious relationship. However, guys have a hard time getting in a relationship at all.

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  • 1. I was never expected to follow traditional gender roles.
    2. I never bought women anything, not even a coffee, unless I was already in a relationship with them and they were buying things for me as well.
    3. None of the women that were attracted to me cared about my income or social status.

    Maybe find women who aren't hypocritical or work on your appearance.

    • You should read the title of the question better: I said USUALLY. Just because you never faced adversity doesn't mean every guy has had it as easy.

      I'm not just speaking for myself-I'm speaking on most straight men I come across (And I even showed sympathy for the LGBT community). Even married men completely agree with me on how ridiculous the dating scene has become, and how straight women are practically given everything.

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    • Netherlands but I lived in France as well and it wasn't really that different in terms of dating. I think the culture here is more laid back, there are less gender rules. It rarely happens that a guy is paying for everything, not even if there's a significant difference in income.

      Which area of the US do you reside in? Is it a liberal area or more conservative in general?

    • I live in a VERY conservative area of Ohio. It's in the Cincinnati Metro Area.

      Even though the city of Cincinnati is somewhat liberal, the surrounding suburbs, and neighborhoods on the outskirts are ultra-conservative.

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  • 1. I take pride in my masculinity, because women like masculine men (nature always wins)
    2. The more you talk to, the more likely you get laid
    3. You can pretend to be popular and wealthy
    4. It all depends on how you approach

    • 1. Most Millennial women don't like masculine guys at all. The new trend is to be some metrosexual male.
      2. That's true, but that doesn't mean it's easy.
      3. Yes, you can pretend-But that's dishonest, and you'll get caught in your lifes pretty soon.
      4. No, not really. Even if you approach in a competent, and respectful way, modern day women seem to think it's 'creepy."

    • Nature vs nurture, nature always wins. They may say they like metrosexual men, but they are lying

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