What body language looks like the guy is more interested in which girl and why or why not?

There's this guy I know and I'm starting to have a crush on and I think he likes me but I'm not sure and there's this other girl in the picture, who seems very jealous of me... Anywho which body language seems to tell he's more into which girl and why.

Girl A (me): we had our picture taken together and I put my hand on his shoulder since he stood very quickly and very closely into me and his arm was around me and his hand close to my neck and his fingers were intertwined around the hair that was on my shoulder and we both had huge smiles on our faces.

Girl B (other gal):her arms are around him and his arm and hand is just at her ribs and lightly touching and he has a puzzled look on his face.

Which one one tells more positive body language and why and whenever he saw me he'd smile and whenever we talked we put our arms around one another.


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  • He made physical contact with you both but that just means he is comfortable doing that and doesn't indicate he likes either of you. Instead of fixating on a few seconds of body-language, try asking him out like a grown up and then you'll know if he's interested or not.

    • True and I shall try. The other girl strikes me as someone who' would stalk him as a event the 3 of us where all at she followed him around like a dog in heat quite a bit and she sat by him and he looked forward with a ugh looking expression on his face.. And I on the other hand gave him space and talked to him every now and then and whenever him and I talked we found ourselves putting our arms around one another and smiling and such. And today after him and I hung out her vehicle was parked nearby and when I was getting ready to leave she was entering her vehicle and she started at the place where him and I were with stalker eyes. And she acts all sad around him or whatever and when she acts all strange and she also looks all jealous once she sees me and him together. And at times (quite a lot actually) he doesn't want me to leave right away. Why is that?

    • Your perception of her behaviour doesn't mean the guy thinks the same of her, and instead of over-analyzing everything, actually ask him if he likes you or her.

    • K Thnxs and true.

  • If you like someone, talk to them. You can't rely on body language alone.

    • True, we have talked and when we are around one another we always have eye contact, smiles and laugh and have a good convo and etc.
      The other girl use to work with him. And I noticed today when him and I got together when I was leaving the other girl looked at the place he worked in a stalker kind of way than she drove off and she always seems and looks jealous when him and I are one another too.

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