I feel emasculated by successful women?

I hate! but I want to say that I'm some guy that wants to be dominant or thinks women should be submissive to men..It's just that If I feel on even ground or inferior to a girl...I feel like I'm not needed or appreciated and that I'm disposable and don't matter. I grew up in an environment where I kinda was made to feel worthless and unwanted. So it seems I usually end up with girls that are less than ideal because I feel like they are safer for me, because they can't be above me...how can I change this?


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  • I don't know how much advice you will take from a woman but I would say you need to start with what you yourself identified as part of the problem. That you grew up in an environment that made you feel worthless. Maybe see a professional about it because it is still obviously having an effect on the relationships you have today. As a woman I can tell you that women are generally more focused on the content of the relationship. We want to have a relationship with some one who sees us as an equal. There is nothing wrong with that. I know for me and many many of the women I know we have heard time and time again men bit** and complain that women just use them for there money. That they don't pull their own weight. Trying to make women out as nothing more than leaches that can not function unless a man provides for them. So then you have women out there trying to change the way we are looked at trying hard to make sure they are not making their men feel like that. Only to run into this whole new brick wall were they are some how making men feel emasculated because they are making as much money and trying to share the burdens of life in a partnership. What Is a woman to think... Relationships are not suppose to be based upon who has the power to leave who. Do you think a poor girl couldn't leave you as fast as one with money? Not true. Women stay with some one because they are in love. And do you really want to find a girl who just has no other options but to be with you? You should think more of your self than that.

    • Yea, you're definitely rite, I guess it really is hard for women because theyre expected to try and juggle between the two extremes of being a total overbearing career woman or being a dumb trophy wife/gf.....I mean I absoultety want to eb a relationship were we feel equal, I guess its my own low self esteem that makes me overeact

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  • What do you want the rest of your life to be like?

    Mediocre, with a less than ideal woman?

    Or the best it can be, with someone who IS ideal?

    Just do it. Go for a girl that you wouldn't normally go for, you might be surprised!

    If it doesn't turn out like how you want, so what? There are so many girls out there, and a lots of them have the potential to be just right for you. Take a chance, go for the girl who is ideal.

    • I know..its soooo backwards..but like I guess I feel insecure...like I'm disposable and if I get in one fight...knowing she could walk out on me and be fine with it at any moment makes me feel insecure...

  • Increase your value and become more successful yourself.

    Or liberate yourself from thinking that money determines the worth of a person. Broaden your horizons and do things that make you feel good about yourself, learn new things, go back to school. Try to better yourself and you will feel better about yourself because you accomplished something new. You have to improve your self esteem and then you won't feel emasculated by successful women.

    • Im in skool now, well part time....im 19 and going to a juco

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  • Dude, I feel the same way ... But you know what ? That is why I bust my f***ing ass everysingle day working ! Women like dominant, ambitious men that know where they're going ... Get on out there and be that guy women want to be around, want to date, want to f*** ... Confidence and personality go a long way, that is if you still want to be that in charge dominant guy ...

  • For every guy like yu who admits this there are 10! who feel this way.

    WE have to look often at girls outside the mainstream culture...who mostly are indeed emasculating power trippers...corporate Hilary Clinton types.

    I'm married to a Venezuelan woman myself. NOt that she's weak or not ideal..just that she doesn't identify with status and money.

    • Sorry for the grammar. I mean the MAINSTREAM girls are mostly corporate power mongers these days. The minority girls are generally less this way, often MUCH less, fortunately

  • I am only getting married if she makes more money than me. Bottomline. That way when she decides to screw the mail man when I'm playing golf on Saturdays with my friends, I can divorce her ass and take HALF HER MONEY and keep all my sh*t. So there women. Suck on that.

    • Lmao funny sh*t

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    • I wanna be like you 1 day ... when ever I c a motherf***er in a nice corvette with the top down driving down the beach with a hawaian shirt on CHEESING his f***ing ass off, I'll know that it's you ... lol

    • You left out that I have a hot broad in the passenger seat with t*ts you can see from space. Tommy Bahama shirt all the way though for sure. Cheezeballs4lyfe.