Girl called me emotional, awkward?

My female friend, she is super sweet and nice.

I have known her for a year, we got pretty close, I'm always honest and open with her and she makes me feel better...

Last time we talked, she said that I was too emotional and that it was pathetic...

That kind of hurt me, I don't know what to do or say now... It feels awkward...

I think she tried saying sorry, and she didn't mean it...

I just said I wouldn't be emotional anymore...

But we haven't talked since...

I wish she didn't say that, I don't know how I feel now,

Should I say something if we talk again?

I miss talking to her :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • Maybe she meant to say that you display your emotions way too much?
    If I were you, I would be hurt and I would stop sharing my emotional thoughts with her.

    • This is how I feel now :(

      But I miss her and don't want to be bitter, I don't know I'm confused

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  • She doesn't sound super sweet or friendly if she tells you you're pathetic.


What Guys Said 3

  • iam naturally on the cooler side very unemotional and its not an act i truly dont feel like acting in an emotional manner even though i can still be kinda emotional sometimes but rarely, and girls love it, girls i know stop what they are saying or doing to just tell me that they like how cool i am and that its really great.

    bottom line, girls dont want sensitive emotional guys, its bs.

    • I know, but she is just a friend

  • She's right, you are emotional and awkward. Don't take it so personally, just learn from it.

    • I know I am a bit emotional, that's just me...

      I wish that didn't happen...

      I don't feel like talking to her because I feel awkward but at the same time I miss her.

    • You have feelings for her. You need to deal with that before you can go back to being friends.

    • I have no romantic feelings for her, we are just friends.

  • Women are the rulers of men today... You have to take her bs

    • Nothing to do with that?

    • Just suck it up and forget about it