Is it still possible to make things work if rejected after the first date?

Hello, I went on a first date 2 weeks ago with my crush.

I tried to schedule a second date and in the beginning she accepted to go out, then she texts to ask if she can ditch the date. "Not feeling like going", she said.

is it still possible to get a second date with her?


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  • Nope. If didn't want to go on the second date then it's a wrap. She ain't interested, move on and leave that one alone

    • I know, how can I feel less attached then?

      I really wanted that we go further than that, nevertheless she didn't give me the chance to do so.

      I'm sad about the situation honestly speaking.

    • Honestly there's no easy or fast way to become uninteresting attached to someone.. you just have to give it time, occupy your mind and time with other things. Put as much distance as you can with that person. It gets easier each day to move on.

    • I will try to put up as much distance as I can then.

      I just want to scream, and let everything out for having such a hard time.
      I've been working a lot on her to make it work, so now that I look back at all the time wasted I feel bad.

      With time, it will probably pass.

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  • Probably not. Unless she asks to go on a second date soon it won't happen and you would be wasting your time trying to make it happen.

    • Therefore, I should simply wait till she reaches out.

      I will try to move on for now, and then if she reaches out I might think about it. Is that right?

    • Yes, that's the right attitude.

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  • Quite easily actually mate! Just depends on how charming you can be...

    Starts with a simple " sooo someone still owes me a fun night around the city"

    Or something similar. And it's all in the delivery lol.

    But you can definitely get her out for date two, if YOU weren't horrible date 1... and you know if you were mate, you know... yes you do.

    • I believe that I wasn't horrible in the first date, it was fine. There wasn't anything negative point about it.

      Nevertheless, I don't have any occasion to meet her in person other than texting her. In fact, I met this girl from a friend, and she is studying in a different college than mine.

      So, if there's no second date I won't be able to see her again in a romantic way.

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    • If blown off, without reason then yeah usually the route to go is wait till the other person initiates, but I think you could reschedule or ask her out and see what she says. And then if she says no or makes an excuse then it would be on her to make the next move.

      But you could be missing out on you getting to hang with her again if you wait on her, and there's no need to.

      But you know the sitch better than me, so if you say she was on social media, then I could be wrong though.

    • I will think about it then, thank you for your precious advices.

  • She just rejected you because either she's out of your league or you're not servant/boyfriend material. In the case of the latter, just be a good servant the next time you talk to her... Without letting anyone else notice you're being her servant

    • I don't know. In the beginning, she accepted to go on the second date.

      On the day where the second date was supposed to happen, she texted to ditch the date and says that she doesn't feel like coming.

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    • Well, not all girls want that. I can surely reassure you that this won't work out with this girl ;)

    • I can assure you it will

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