Why can't I stop thinking about her?

I got somewhat shut down 2 days ago, previously stated in my earlier question. I have no idea how to proceed -.-


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  • Just move on.. that's all you can do

    • Well... Don't you think I should check on her in the near future? Or just forget about it and move on 😏

    • Forget it.. it will make you seem desperate. When your shot down, you just pick yourself up, bandage the wound, and move on.

    • Fair enough. Thanks for taking the time :)

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  • u can't know if u like that girl or not by shutting down go after her if u can


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  • Our brain latches onto negative experience and remembers it much more sharply. are you remembering the rejection on repeat and fantasizing about what could have been if you hadn't messed it up? those are intrusive thoughts, a symptom of anxiety. Used exercise and fun distractions to get past it. You need that dopamine.

  • Be a good slave and you'll be rewarded

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