How can I get this girl to talk to me? Dating advice?

We talked before messaging only but then we stopped she said she had a husband. Then we stopped when i said i wanted to fuck. So last message from her was in October telling me no we can't fuck. 2016 October. So yesterday i get a message she say hi back and tellinf me she pregnant and tells me she not married and her kids dad is excited.

Mind u guys we were messaging for 10 months she sent me nudes and sexy videos only for me and told me she wantsd to fuck me. And i really wanna have sex with her and. But why she stop messaging me then all of sudden start doing it again 5 months 4 months later.

So i asked her can i see her stomach. She doenst post no picture but she chages her profilee pic to somthing sexy.

I dont know if she pregnant or not she won't show me. What does this mean?

I messaged her 7 times she just reads them and answers the questions when she feel like.

Also her profile pic was this
How can i get this girl to talk to me? Dating advice?
Then i sent her a joke picture then she sent me a joke video

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  • Have you actually met this woman in person? I know you say you've exchanged pictures and sexy videos but... she sounds like a catfish. I know that guys don't want to admit when they've been catfished but I think it's important that you consider this because it would explain her erratic behavior. A catfish will draw you in by showing extreme interest, but will go to great lengths to avoid things like phone calls and in-person meets. You'll find that their story often changes (she was married, now she's pregnant and has a boyfriend, but won't show you pregnancy pics?). Yeah, I think you need to start dating a real-life girl.


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