Is he interested or just FLIRTING for fun? Am I reading too much into it?

We are still just getting to know one another. This is what's been going on:

We met a few times at a concert, play, movie hanging out with mutual friends.

He is a filmmaker and wanted an excuse to hang out, so he said he could give me his film to watch, and we could also get lunch. I went over his place and we spent hours talking, and I even caught a later train home. On the train home, he and I texted quite a bit, an hour or two. And he also called me (because some strange coincidence happened when I left) while I was on the platform and I nearly missed my train talking to him.

3 days pass no text. I watch his film, text him a quick 3 lines to say thanks and It was a great film and a pleasure to watch. This ensued in a 2 hour text conversation. It ended with him sort of inviting me to watch a movie with him, in case I was in his town. I work there, but live away, so I'm not always around. He also wanted me to keep the film, so that I could use returning it as an excuse for a full blown hanging out session.

I replied today and said I was sorry I couldnt hang out. We had another long text conversation. He flirts quite a lot, but said he felt hesitant to ask me to hang out because of people would start gossiping, and he wants to avoid gossip. Which i found weird. He is really open, friendly etc, and he is always trying to get me to open up and let my guard down. I suppose I'm a bit more reserved. So when i do say something forward, I feel vulnerable about it.

So maybe he just calls me beautiful, pretty and wants to hang out, but actually hasn't asked me out. Is he shy, or playing, having fun? I'm scared to let myself go because I could like him. I'm at the stage, where I could turn my back more easily now and not really get hurt. Whereas if I fall for his flirting, which may be misleading, I could end up with heartbreak, and Im so unlucky in love, I really dont want to stick my neck out.

So do you think he is interested in me, or playing around?


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  • I think he's interested, but maybe taking his time. Perhaps he's been hurt in the past too..

    • YOu don't think I should give up on him? Why does he call me beautiful and then sound embarrassed about publicly hanging out with me?

    • I don't know. You like him, so give it a little more time.

    • ok, thank you! :)

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  • If I was into someone, I wouldn't care what other people are saying/gossiping about. I don't think he is really that into you. If he was, he would give a damn about that.

    • yeah that's what i was worried about

    • incidentally he told me that he has low self esteem

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