I've never had a girlfriend and it is starting to affect me mentally?

I've gone through life alone up until this point and I have been evaluating my life and has gotten me depressed. Everyone around me is coupled up and I'm all alone. I not much of an initiator and approaching women. I feel totally lost mentally in this aspect. What makes me feel worse is when I go out in public, gym, mall, etc and seeing couples out and about will affect my attitude for the day. I don't get why I am single, what am I doing wrong? I started off at a young age feeling good about the future but now as I get older I start to have a pre mid life crisis, especially about finding someone to love


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  • I've never had a boyfriend and many people I know/friends are either in the same boat as me or almost 30 and virgins/never even been kissed. I don't know but the more you look around the more common it is in this day and age. Don't let it get you down.

    Have you actually tried asking anyone out recently? Also if you feel this way throw yourself a singles party on Valentine's Day. You might not stay single for long.

    Best of luck 😊

    • No I haven't ask recently. Last girl really only girl I asked lead me on for months then tried to act like she wasn't into me like that. My confidence took a real hit. Took me a while to get over that one. I kinda had a bitter feeling towards women for a while. I just don't want to have that happen again. To be honest looking back I know she wasn't right for me I just wanted to be with someone.

    • Something you would least expect to hear about in women

    • interesting

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  • I can sort of relate and I think it's only nature and part of the game for something like this to happen to men more than women


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  • I've never had a boyfriend before. Try not to feel bad about it. Doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. It just may be a sign that you can benefit from practicing being more bold. Practice talking to women. It may be uncomfortable but it will help build your confidence and you'll learn how to read social cues from women. If you truly want to be in a relationship and you make a consistent effort to connect with women, it will happen.

  • Bad idea of yours. Stop depressing about it asap

    • It messes with my mind and my self worth as a person to be honest. Especially when I'm out and see couples together. To be honest you wouldn't guess my situation by the way I look. I guess the battle is mental.

    • I never ever had a boyfriend in my entire life and I'll be 21 this year. I endured worse in my life than that

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