Got ghosted after a year? What?

Basically this guy I was seeing for a year plus, randomly stopped talking to me at the beginning of December. We didn't see each other for a bit due to busy schedules.. he has kids and I was informed the custody battle and finding a new house would start in December. The last message he sent me was "thank you baby, you remembered <3" when I wished him a happy birthday. I've reached out to him a few times and no response.. and also kicked him which had an "s" next to it. We've talked about if we were no longer interested we'd say so and not leave each other hanging. Why would someone do this? Its so WEIRD and extremely rude.


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  • I find that bizarre 😳

    I'm sorry to say, but it sounds like he realized he doesn't want to be with you.

    • We weren't dating! Just seeing each other he's 36 and I'm 22- I was thinking maybe he stopped talking because he grew feelings or to protect his kids during custody with his ex so she doesn't involve him seeing me and use it against him

    • Yeah I guess he might be focused on other things and not want to talk right now. I've never been in that situation.

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  • Hmmm. 22-36. Lives with his ex and kids. This sounds super familiar. He didn't return your kik?
    Maybe your boyfriend contacted him and asked him not to talk to his girl any more. I mean that's the right thing to do right?
    Thank you baby.


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  • I know how you feel and it is extremely rude.
    How long has he been ghosting you?
    Some guys kinda close up to everyone when they are very stressed/anxious, He could be having a rough time with the custody.

    • Wow it has been more than a month... don't be surprised if he comes back once he solves his problems, but I don't know if you would be ok with it, it is very disrespectful.
      Send him another message and if he ignores you for more than a week, move on.

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    • Her advantage*

    • Or he just grew more feelings and realize it couldn't work?

  • Sounds like he needed a break so that he could focus on himself and the imediate things going on around him, without a distraction.
    Give it a little time and then try reaching him again. Don't pester him, as this will only cause him more stress. Be peaceful, calm, caring and understanding, if you do get to talk to him. Sounds like he has so much going on, that he is unsure about the directions his life may be heading. Be patient with him and not pushy.


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