Is it a bad idea to start something with someone if I'm going to be gone the first half of this year on the road?

Im in a band with a few other people, and we recently started a year and a half ago and are currently recording music and trying to promote our music and be involved with other bands. I will be touring the states all the first half of this year or if I am briefly back I have to work every day in order to afford to travel and tour. Is it logical for me to not start something with someone I only recently met in case my situation with my band gets in the way and makes things not work out? Maybe try after?
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  • I wouldn't go looking for someone. But if you meant someone you could at least try? Who knows.

    • Well I met a guy once and I like him, but I don't see how it can work if i can't see him?

    • Yeah you may wanna stay friends or something if there is a strong connection between you two. It may work if he coukd travel to see you once a month or something.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • Yep. What's the point? 6 mos could change a lot anyhow...


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