Is being a selfish male a bad thing?

Think about this. Is being selfish really such a bad thing? there's a guy whos so full of himself, knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. He really doesn't care if you come or go, but makes an effort to be with you. And then there's the other guy, who is so obsessed with you. The thought of you breaking up with him would destroy him because he's so afraid of being alone. You could even say he's only with you because its better than being alone. Which guy do you think would women really want?

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No one wants the second guy. He'd be a good pet tho.


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  • Lol why is it black or white? Its this or that. I definitely think a guy can have both. A guy can have everything planned, knows what he's doing and knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. At the same time he can love his girl to bits and really care for her.

    as for "Idgaf if you stay or go" attitude then that's a bad thing for me.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Naturally I'd think a woman would want to be the center of someone's universe... can't imagine a girl investing time into a guy who can care less if they are there or not. But you take something and split it into simple things where we all know it's not this simple and there are many combinations of things that make up people all round


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  • Yeah it is


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  • It's not that simple. Women are attracted to to the indifference because it isn't too clingy however he can't love her and at the same time be indifferent given the nature of romantic love.

  • Of course an alpha guy who treats girls like shit will get their love, while the beta cuck will stay single forever.

    • Ikr just lol at the second dude. Probably gona get cheated on his wedding night.

    • I used to think women can love men like we do. I was mistaken. Too bad the majority of guys still thinks women need their love.

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