Can any girl accept sissy guy?

I am guy who likes to dress up like girl with makeup on sometimes it's something gives me happiness. I m straight and I am only like girls. Is I can found any girl who accept my that habbit


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  • No. That's a major turn off for most girls.


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  • I've read on this site some girls that would be ok with that, they seem rare, but thy exist. So, don't be sad.

    • Can u tell me how I delete my asked question

    • It's not possible, but you can become annonnimous... it's easym look around this ask, near your username, i think.

    • Search the option Anonymize. Try cliking the 3 dots near your name.

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  • I honestly don't see any problem with a guy who is into dressing up and make-up. it's similar to acting, dressing up, make-up, and pretending to be someone different.

  • I don't think it's a bad thing tbh but I wouldn't tell girls about it you will be better off


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